The 10 Best Kitchen Tools And Gadgets


If you have the best weapons, then half of your battle is done. In other words, the best equipment plays a significant role in completing a task. Like a kit in cricket, studs in soccer, colors in a painting, kitchen tools are for cooking. This article discusses the top ten kitchen tools that can help you cook better.

The 10 Best Kitchen Tools And Gadgets

10 Of The Best Kitchen Tools

1. Food Processor

This is the must-have kitchen gadget of all time. You can shred butter, slice pepperoni, make mayonnaise or peanut butter with this kitchen implement. You can also make pates and dips as well as blend or mix something. Indeed, a food processor can save a lot of time. We recommend the Cuisinart and Mandolin brands because these are easy to clean and are quite durable.

2. Slow Cooker

A slow cooker not only roasts meats and vegetables but also saves energy. You can prepare soup and meat dishes with it. For cooking crab-based dishes, you can use this in a very effective way. Your family members would love this and give it a try in their schedule. Cuisinart is a trustworthy brand for this kitchen tool.

3. Rice Cooker

This kitchen tool is a must-have kitchen tool as rice is a staple food in many places. Moreover, you can use a rice cooker for any type of rice (white or brown) and for any cooking frequency. As well, you can prepare other recipes such as oatmeal and fried rice in a rice cooker. The Japanese brand Zojirushi can be a good choice if you are looking for a good rice cooker.

4. Juicer

I guess every family has this kitchen tool because practically everyone loves fresh juice due to its taste and health benefits. Indeed, you may not want to pay for fresh just and rather prepare it at home. It is a great tool that can be used to squeeze lemons, oranges, lime, watermelons, pineapples and the like. Omega is a good brand for a juicer.

5. Blender

You can use this low-priced kitchen tool to make smoothies, blended cocktails, and fruity sorbets. Price is not a constraint in buying a blender. You can get a blender for $20 or $30. Two good options are the Oster and the Vitamix brands.

6. Rubber Spatula

A spatula comes in three sizes. This fantastic tool can help you in different ways such as spreading condiments on pizza or a sandwich. Moreover, you can use it like a butter knife. Di Oro Living is a brand you can trust for rubber spatulas.

7. Four-Sided Stainless Steel Grater

This is a superb-value addition to your kitchen tools and ease your cooking. With this, you can grate potatoes, carrots, and any raw vegetables. Grating cheese will be more comfortable with a grater. If you ready to buy a grater, we recommend you to go for a Mandolin or a Cuisipro brand.

8. Large Metal Or Plastic Colander

When it comes to draining sliced vegetables or pasta, a colander is a useful tool. It will save time and prevent unnecessary accidents or injuries.

9. Carbon Steel Wok

By shelling out $20, you can have this efficient carbon steel wok. You can save time and cook fabulous dishes with this simple kitchen tool.

The 10 Best Kitchen Tools And Gadgets
10. Airtight Food Storage Containers

An airtight food storage container doesn’t allow air to enter the container. As a result, the food inside the container won’t spoil. You can store rice, pasta, or baked goods for an extended period. Oxo is a better buy option if you want to buy a food storage container.


This article discussed ten of the best kitchen tools. It would be best if you have these for a better cooking experience. Happy cooking.

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