3 Easy Dinner Ideas You Need to Know About

Easy Dinner Ideas

At this point, easy dinner ideas are a dime-a-dozen. The internet is full of them for easy dinners that take little to no time at all – and yet they’re still coming out with more! So what’s so special about these three easy dinner ideas? Well… it has everything to do with the fact that each one takes less than 30 minutes to start (and most of them come in well under). If you’re looking for something quick but delicious, check these ones out!

Chicken Salad Sandwich

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The easy dinner idea of today is the chicken salad sandwich.

This easy meal can be made with any ingredients you want, and it tastes amazing! It’s easy to make too. Just cook some chicken breast, dice up your favorite vegetables (I like celery and red onion), then combine all of these ingredients in a bowl along with some seasoned mayonnaise or Miracle Whip. You should mix it until the vegetables are well distributed throughout the mixture. Spread this on two pieces of bread that have been split open face first, then enjoy your easy dinner idea for tonight!

Shrimp Scampi

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Shrimp scampi is easy to make and tastes delicious. The shrimp are cooked in butter with garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, salt, black pepper, and lemon juice. They are then served over linguine or rice noodles that have been tossed with olive oil. Shrimp scampi can be made quickly for a quick dinner idea if you don’t want to cook anything too complicated. It also makes for easy leftovers the next day!

The ingredients of this easy dinner recipe should all be available at any grocery store so it shouldn’t take much time to get them together before cooking the dish. Once ready just add your pasta or grain of choice and seasoning which will vary depending on what type you use as well as your tastes.

This easy dinner idea is great for a quick meal any night of the week and sure to please even the pickiest eaters! Some easy side dishes you can make with shrimp scampi include a fresh salad, simple steamed veggies, or garlic bread. The possibilities are endless!

Pork Chops

Pork chops are easy to cook and can be prepared in many different ways. They are easy to cut, easy to chew, and easy on the budget for a family of 5 or 6 people. Pork chops have little fat content so they’re low in calories but high in protein which makes them good for weight watchers too! You can season the pork chops with just salt and pepper or add some onion powder or garlic powder if you prefer. Some other recipes might call for adding sugar before cooking it but this is not considered best practice by chefs because it will caramelize while cooking giving an off-taste that’s bitter.

The most popular way to prepare pork chops is frying them using vegetable oil until browned on both sides and then covering the pan and cooking it on medium heat until tender. Another easy way to prepare pork chops is baking, broiling or grilling them. Baking the pork chops should be done at a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-30 minutes depending on how thick your cut is. Grilling low fat meat like chicken and turkey breasts are easy, especially if you have a George Foreman Grill. If you are using an oven to grill your meat, set the oven to broil on high and then place the meat on the top wire rack.

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