5 Arabic Food Dishes Names That You Must Remember If You Are Arabic Food Lover

arabic food dishes names

The cuisine of Arab, i.e., Arabic cuisine, reflects the centuries-old culture and taste of the Arabian countries. With regional differentiability from the Maghreb to Crescent, the food tastes with the same basic similarity. Arabic cuisine follows the concept of generosity and hospitality. Lamb, Arabic tea, and Arabic coffee are always there on every occasion, event in Arab. Non-veg food like beef, goat, and camel meats are popular there. Hums with meat, green salad, Fattah meat, hommos, and grape leaves are preferred in the breakfast there. But there are some famous Arabic food dishes names that everyone must know if they are planning to visit Arabic countries.

Top 5 Arabic Food Dishes Names

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Meat Madhfoon

Meat Madhfoon is top in the list of Arabic food dish names. It first originated in Al Hudaydah, thus has traditional importance. 

This dish is made up of rice and meat. Lamb, pepper, coriander, turmeric, and cloves are added to enhance the taste. The meat is cooked in a hole that is made beneath the ground. Then it is slowly heated to make it soft and delicate. The smoky flavor and tempting fragrance is the reason for its popularity. It is specially made on big occasions like a feast, wedding, and Eid. 


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If you are looking for an Arabic food dishes name, note the dish Ballet. It is a popular sweet dish in the Persian Gulf. To make it, take Vermicelli, then add sugar, egg omelet, and dose water to it. Cardamom and Saffron are also added for more flavor. It is served with sauteed potatoes or onions, either hot or cold. It is also commonly eaten as breakfast in The UAE.

Chicken Machboos

If you don’t know about Chicken Machboos, then you know nothing about Arabic cuisine. It is the national dish of Bahrain and is highly popular in the Arabian peninsula. It is also known by the name machbous, which means ” pressed.” Machboos are rice cooked in chicken broth to enhance the flavor traditionally. It is differentiated from Bahraini Machboos with its high lemon and pepper content, giving it a completely different taste. 

Nicoise Salad

If you want to have healthy but tasty Arabic food dishes ideas, you can go for Nicoise Salad. It first originated in Nice. The Nicoise Salad comprises potatoes, onions, black tuna olives, hard-boiled eggs, green beans, and black olives, making it a complete diet with all essential nutrients. Olive oil or vinegar are dressed on all these items. 

Chicken Mandi

It is one of the traditional Arabic food dishes names that originated in Yemen. It owes its name because of the Dewey surface of the meat, called ‘mandi.’ It is also a combination of rice and chicken. Yeah, Arabic food is all about chicken and rice! It is made in a tandoor, and. The special spices like cumin, cloves, dry coriander, etc., of Arab, are added to enhance flavor.


Arabic cuisine is a mix of different food cultures. The above given Arabic food dishes names may be helpful to you to know about Arab cuisine.

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