5 Easy And Delicious Middle Eastern Recipes For Beginners

Nobody learned to run right from the womb. We all started by crawling, then walking, and then running. Things take time, and we should give them the time they are needed. The same happens with cooking, and you learn things step by step. And then eventually you ace the kitchen game of kitchen. 

Middle eastern recipes are one of the delicious and famous recipes in different countries. And not to forget, it is quite difficult to prepare. But if you are someone who is a fan of middle eastern recipes. Then don’t worry, I got your back as I have some beginner-friendly middle eastern recipes. 

5 Middle Eastern Recipes Ideas

So let’s start with incredibly delicious, super easy, and beginner-friendly middle eastern recipes. That will rescue you on your first day of hosting a party for your friends or any occasion. 

Chicken Kebabs

So for my beginner friends, chicken kebab middle eastern recipes are nearly foolproof for you. 

It will save a lot of your valuable time, or you can ask your butcher to do it for you just like you want it. Put the already chopped chicken and skewer, broil or grill it. And there you have homemade chicken kebabs. 


Don’t let the looks of your favorite falafel fool you. The secret is it’s super easy to make and serve. Middle eastern recipes for falafel need just some lettuce, some onion, and Tahini. Serve it with homemade curd or fresh curd. Then there you have the easiest middle eastern recipes for lunch. 


For all of my vegan friends who once loved chicken nuggets or chicken kebabs. Middle eastern recipes for kebabs are the healthiest, delicious and easiest option for you. 

All you have to do is just prepare the batter that consists of finely grated vegetables, gram flours. Then either grill it, keep frying it or bake in the oven in small round shapes. It’s your choice. Koftas are great alternatives to hot dogs and burgers. 

Cauliflower Hummus

Cauliflower is an ingredient that is commonly used in middle eastern recipes. Cauliflower incorporated into hummus is that popular dish that Israel, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon traditionally cook. 

It is cooked with chickpeas and Tahini, and olive oil gives it a silky quality. All it takes is just 20 minutes to pull together and consider these middle eastern recipes for your next party. It is one of the easy, classic middle eastern recipes. 

Butter Cookies

Traditionally known as ghoraibi, these butter cookies will be an excellent choice as dessert. Traditional middle eastern recipes for dessert will be perfect for any of your parties. 

An absolutely easy recipe where you only have to prepare the dough and bake it. Also, if you have extra dough left, then freeze it well. So you can use it afterward. 


Middle eastern recipes are one of the few traditional recipes from around the world that still have the essence of tradition. Although many modern fusions have been created, the taste of traditional fusions remains the same. So try these middle eastern recipes in the traditional way possible. And start with your cooking journey with the essence of your traditions. 

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