5 Fantastic Arabic Cuisines That You Must Try In 2021

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Are you planning to visit an Arabic country and excited about what will be served on

your plate? Well, we can provide a glimpse and slight knowledge about the Arabic

dishes, and this will help you to get an idea of what is on your plate. If you are a

foodie and love to eat, then, my friend, you will not be able to resist such mouthwatering dishes. However, if you are not a foodie, it will be a fun challenge for the Arabic dishes to make you one.

So, let’s get started! Check out some of the best and tremendous Arabic dishes

Best Arabic Dishes That You Must Know About!

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For all the pizza lovers, here is the dish for you. Manousheh is a delicious pizza with exotic topping with cheese, herbs, and some vegetables. In addition, you must try the variant topped with a creamy texture, sour labneh, jam, eggs, and minced lamb.

 Iranian Sangak

Here is another lovely dish for tread lovers. A fascinating dish, easy to make –

effortless try to. You can add truth to your favorite Arabic cuisine list. It is made up of

wheat and given a rectangular shape. It is mainly eaten by health freaks or foodies.


Fatten is an incredible dish consisting of three types of layers, including bread,

stuffed chickpeas, aubergines, yogurt, and tahini sauce topping. This is an evening

staple day. Don’t forget to try it if you are going out in the evening.

Chelo Kebab

Chelo kebab is one of the editions in the Arabic cuisine, made up of Saffron –

Scented basmati rice and is served with butter over the kebabs. Moreover, Chelo

Kabab will surely make your mouth water!

AI Harees

It is a traditional dish of Dubai. AI Harees are prepared with wheat, salt, and meat. All of this has to be put together and stewed for a few hours. This is a common dish

served on any occasion or wedding.


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Here are the Best Arabic dishes that you must try. These dishes are so tempting and

yummy that you just can’t afford to miss out on any of them. Make your trip super exciting and fun, add all the joy with all the stunning Arabic cuisine that you can in your entire journey. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article.

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