5 Saudi Arabian Desserts You Must Try- Sweet Delicacies 5 Saudi Arabian Desserts You Must Try- Sweet Delicacies

5 Saudi Arabian Desserts You Must Try

Saudi Arabian Desserts

Certain ingredients are famous in Saudi Arabian desserts. These traditional fruit and nuts are still part of the culture. Almonds, figs, dates, walnut, citrus fruits pistachios, etc are used as the main ingredient to bake pudding and sweets. Saudi Arabian desserts are completely not originated there, they have come from different regions. With a variety of crossovers of regions, the local delicacies have grabbed their own place. 

If you are celebrating Ramadan and want to prepare some authentic Saudi Arabian Dessert then you can get it. In this article, we will discuss the best sweets and cakes you can prepare to have a wondrous gastronomic experience. Make this Ramadan exciting by filling your taste buds with the best sweets. 

Saudi Arabian Desserts – Basbousa

Basbousa is a soft and sweet cake made out of semolina. You can call it Revani in Turkey and Namoura in Syrian. This is a very popular dish in the east of the Middle East. A mix of different ingredients like curd-soaked semolina, sweet syrup soaked in rose flavored water topped with coconut bears. The typical taste can take you back to Saudi Arabia. These are great for serving after dinner, the luxurious look and smell can fill your mouth with water. These are popular recipes for desserts that you can enjoy.

Best Saudi Arabian Desserts
Best Saudi Arabian Desserts

Saudi Arabian Desserts – Kunafeh

Kunafeh is yet another sweet dish which you can make of semolina, you can prepare a dough and finish it with noodle-like crunchy phyllo pastry. Kunafeh is found in the places which were occupied by the Ottoman empire. You can call this sweet pastry cake as a cheesecake of Middle Eastern. The inside of the sweet has Nabulsi cheese. This makes the dessert crunchy on the outer side and soft creamy on the inside. In recent times you can recreate the sweet dish using mangoes as well. 

Ma’amoul – Middle Eastern Dessert

Maamool is the most crumbly, buttery cookie ever, and has a huge amount of dry fruit nuts like pistachio, walnut, almonds, etc. You can call Maamool as Kahk and Ghorayeba. These are very famous as the popular Egyptian poet once wrote about it, oh generosity… we will never stop making you. You can fill the cookies with sweet creamy custard, mostly date pudding. You can soak it with sugary powder and can carefully craft using a wooden mold. The patterns, shapes created gives the cookies a luxurious look to the biscuit. You can infuse it with the scent of cardamom and cinnamon inside. The cookie melts as soon as you introduce it to your taste buds. 

Tasty And Best Saudi Arabian Desserts
Tasty And Best Saudi Arabian Desserts


There are many such mouth savoring cakes, puddings that bring back the traditional flavor of Saudi Arabia. The simple rice pudding is one of the most prepared sweets, and highly nutritious. You can recommend it to people with a stomach illness, as the pudding aids indigestion. This dish is easy to prepare using rice and milk, sweeten with sugar and top it with nuts, cinnamon powder. Halva is similarly a common staple food of the Middle East, preferred in breakfast. You can make Halva from sesame seeds, sweetened and made into a paste. Advisable for breastfeeding women as it benefits the reproductive organs. 

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