6 Mouth-Watering Arabic Desserts To Try In 2021

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We are about to ring in the New Year soon and it’s time to plan for the celebrations coming ahead. The best way to kick start the coming year is by making mouth-watering desserts. And what can be better than Arabic desserts to delight everyone’s sweet tooth? Get ready to celebrate the year 2021 with these amazing

Lebanese Semolina Pudding

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Also known as Layali Lubnan, semolina pudding is one of the perfect Arabic desserts for New Year celebration. Make the dessert by cooking semolina in milk and sugar mixture. Add vanilla and floral syrup of choice. Stir in a beaten egg in the mixture and keep stirring to avoid lumps. Once the semolina is cooled, pour into a tray and top with some whipped cream. Do garnish with some chopped pistachios and chopped cranberries for an exceptional flavor.

Aish el Saraya

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If you love toasted bread rusks, delight your sweet tooth with ‘Aish el Saraya’. Make this amazing dessert by placing the rusks in a shallow square dish. Make sugar syrup and add orange blossom water and rose water to it. Pour the floral syrup over the rusks and allow them to soak in completely. Now make a custard by mixing some cornflour with cold milk. Heat this mixture on medium flame and stir in milk, condensed milk, and whipping cream. Let the cornflour mixture to thicken and then add the rose and orange blossom water. The last step is to pour the cornflour mixture over rusks and garnish with chopped pistachios.


People who love Arabic desserts with semolina and coconut can’t miss making Harissa for celebrating the New Year. Also known as Basbousa Cake, this dessert will require you to make a scented sugar syrup by combining sugar, rose water, plain water, and lemon juice. To make the cake, whisk semolina with salt, sugar, butter, milk, and baking powder. Transfer to a lined baking pan and let the batter sit for a few minutes. Score the mixture into small square shapes and sprinkle some chopped nuts in the center. Bake the Basbousa Cake in the oven preheated to 1900 degrees for half an hour. At last, cut the cake and pour the syrup on top.

Orange Saffron Syrup Cakes

Semolina cakes cooked with saffron and orange zest make for an exceptional dessert to kick start the New Year. Make the cakes by combing roasted semolina, sugar, ground hazelnuts, and baking powder. Prepare a wet solution with eggs, orange zest and juice, vegetable oil, and saffron. Combine both mixtures and pour into a greased cupcake tray. Bake the mini cakes for some 22 minutes. Now, make a syrup by mixing water, saffron, sugar, and zest of orange. Once the candied orange zest thickens, pour over the baked cake.

Rose Mehalabya

If you have been a fan of puddings, Rose Mehalabya is a perfect dessert to try. Start by making milk pudding with whipping cream, milk, cornstarch, and sugar. Once the mixture thickens, stir in rosewater. Refrigerate the milk pudding and top with rose syrup. Sprinkle some chopped pistachios on the top of the pudding before serving.

Sweet Cheese Qatayef

Turn American pancakes into an exceptional Arabian dessert ‘Qatayef’ that’s filled with sweet cheese filling. Make the pancakes and top with cheese filling prepared with ricotta cheese, rose water, sugar, ground pistachios, yogurt, and cardamom powder. Roll the pancakes and drizzle some rose syrup or any other fruity syrup on top before serving. Make sure to sprinkle the sides of each pancake with some ground pistachios for an amazing appeal.

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