A Detailed Description And Specific Benefits Of Spices Used In Arabic Cuisine

spices used in arabic cuisine

Unique dishes need an exclusive list of spices for a different traditional taste. Spices and method of food preparation is the base of any delicious tasty food. Spices used in Arabic cuisine provide a memorable and unforgettable taste to the person. Spices play a significant role in the dishes, especially in Arabic cuisines. Some dishes have an extraordinary taste, and you cannot get that taste anywhere. There are unique ingredients and methods of using the ingredients in the food that define smell and taste.

Arabic Culture Ingredients

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Everyone prepares their food according to their method and eatables consumption. Some people love to eat green vegetables and use the ingredients according to the vegetable taste and suitability. In the same way, Arabic cuisine mostly includes meat or non-veg dishes. They use the spices, ingredients, and cooking methods accordingly.

Use Of Nutmeg

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Nutmeg has great flavourful qualities and has its use in Arabic cuisine. You will notice that western countries use nutmeg in dessert because of its slight sweetness. The sweet flavor of the ingredient adds taste to meat dishes. Meat dishes have a slightly sweet taste in masala, and you will find it superb in hot tahini spiced cocoa. Its wonderful taste is irresistible and excellent with a typical small nutmeg hint.

Cumin Taste And Uses In Dishes

It is mostly famous because of its flavourful qualities. You will find that it can bring a perfect taste and flavors to rice also. It is well known among the spices used in Arabic cuisine. Cumin has a high fragrant, strong spicy taste. You can try it in famous meat dishes or sandwiches.

Use Of Sumac

It has a sour taste like lemons, and its citrus qualities make it perfect for dishes. You can use it in spicy dishes and as a dressing for some roasted meat dishes. It is perfect for dressing over roast ribs and other barbeque dishes.

Baharat – Spices Used In Arabic Cuisine

Baharat is a mixture of seven spices and has a perfect blend of some select spices. It can bring a real Arabic cuisine taste to the dish. The blend has black pepper, cloves, coriander, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and paprika are the ingredients in baharat. You will get the perfect smoky flavor in the dish. It is also available in the market with the usual name as sebah baharat.

Caraway Uses

Caraway has an earthy taste and flavor and has excellent use in Arabic cuisine. You can also use the seed in many dishes like in harissa that is a homemade dish.

Cinnamon Magical Flavor

Cinnamon has its wide use in apple pie and desserts alike. You can also use it in ice-creams and get a specific flavor. Add the cinnamon to meatballs and observe the magical taste.

Conclusion Last Words

The spices used in Arabic cuisine are the most exclusive list of spices. It is available in the market, and you can get it in every kitchen in Arabic countries.

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