A Look at Popular Arab Food Dishes Served in the Emirates

arabic food dishes

Arabic food is one of the most widely recognized cuisines of the Middle East. This is because it has become a part of the life for people belonging to many different countries of this area. It is a part of their traditions and cultures. One can derive a lot of information about the various dishes of this region through online resources and even traditional sources. Diverse festivals and feasts are celebrated all over the country and its varied cultural forms and dishes have been the main source of inspiration for food designers and cookery schools all over the world.

Popular Arab Food Dishes

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To begin with, it must be stated that there are numerous regions within the Arab countries, each with its own variation of Arabic cuisine. The largest and richest emirates of UAE have their own unique style of cooking. There is a wide variety of dishes available here. They include Rizha (Rasmal), a wheat dish originated in UAE; Hummus, a unleavened preparation of chick peas and dried tomato sauce; and Khobz (Tahitian black beans), a dish of beans curried with vegetables. You will also find other regional variations in Arab cuisines of UAE like Abu Dhabi cuisine, Dubai cuisines and Sharjah dishes. Other prominent arabic food dishes names in the Dubai include: Dhabih (Arabian lentil soup), Darbi (pickled dates), Fakfakh (meats cooked with dates), and Saqfakh (oil drum).

Another noteworthy arabic food dishes in the UAE include: the famous sharqi (mashed potato) of Dubai, which is famous throughout the region; the popular manjish (stir fried green chilli), also known as Manjish, which is a must try in any authentic arabic restaurant in Dubai; and the popular ninoise salad of Sharjah. A traditional Sharjah dish is called ninoise salad and it consists of fresh tomatoes, crumbled pistachio, and red onion, served with spicy pickles. This salad goes well with fish, meat, and plain yoghurt. The popular manjish is served with either tajine or saffron. When it comes to deserts, the most popular deserts in Dubai include: Al-Gabel (wild garlic), Safed Anwar, Shabanov (pickled beet tops), and Naan (dates). Naan is considered to be the desert food of UAE.

North east of UAE, the Emirates have its own share of excellent dishes as well. Some of them include: Al-Gabel (wild garlic), Daman (sespedic cheese) and Shabar (parsley). The deserts in the Emirates include: Haafal Yasser (a kind of pasty), Safed Anwar and Hamed (desert mint). In addition, the Emirates have their own share of Indian cuisines. Some of the most popular Indian dishes include: Tandoori, samosas, kichdi, chapatis, and biryani.

Along with Middle Eastern foods, the UAE has its share of Indian cuisine. Some of the most popular Indian dishes include: Vindaloo, Chapatis, Samosas, Zebrawood, Rasam, Pickle, and Pickle. To the surprise of many, Indian food in the UAE is not just about the spices that are used but about the local flavor. For example, while the north eastern part of the country mainly uses Rasam, the south western corner prefers Vindaloo and the centre tends to use Samosas.

Italian food is famous all over the world. This country has its share of excellent food dishes too. Some of them are: Spaghetti Bologna, Lasagna, Spicy Peppers, Meat Sauce, Cavatelli, Fettuccine, and Salami. Most Italian food dishes are served on an Italian table and are accompanied by some good wine.

Arabic cuisine is famous all over the world. The best dishes served here include: Hummus, Shawrama, Shawal, Baba Ghanoush, and Tarawera. All these dishes are usually served with fresh, raw vegetables. When it comes to seafood, fishes from the north are served while those from the south are preferred.

End Note

A bowl of food on a plate

There are so many amazing food dishes in the UAE which one can choose for lunch or dinner. There are a lot of fresh salads which can be prepared by using some fresh fruits and vegetables as well as olive oil. Hence, the variety of food dishes available in the UAE makes it one of the most popular travel destinations for both local citizens as well as international travelers.

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