A Simple Guide To Arabic Food

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If you have never experienced the taste of authentic Arabic cuisine, Washington DC may just be the place for you to do so. A trip to the district is sure to satisfy any food lover’s carvings for the great taste of Middle Eastern food. Start with the famous Arab food of gyro, kebabs and platters, then move on to plate settings with various fillings including lamb, beef, chicken, and vegetables. You will also find a number of dishes that are offbeat in their spices, such as Baba Ghanoush, Baba Seville and Baba Qadha.

Authentic Arabic Fare At Expensive Prices

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Unlike the fast food crowd, the DC locals know how to satisfy their palates by serving up authentic Arabic fare at expensive prices. You can start your day with the traditional breakfast of couscous, followed by an array of hummus, vegetable spread and tahini. The best time for lunch is when you have some free time to kill, as the locals prepare the kofta salad and hummus to accompany the kebabs. For dinner, you can choose from meat, rice or even zesty salads.

Although many travelers shunned the “traditional” Arab dishes of the early days, these dishes have made a steady comeback. The key ingredient in all these dishes is what is known as “taaba”, which is a mix of rice and meat. Other ingredients include onions, garlic, coriander, mint and a variety of spices. Tagine is a wonderful example of a Middle Eastern dish that combines components from all the different dishes mentioned above. This dish consists of layers of rice with meats and served on top of flatbread. Other examples of Middle Eastern food include the kebabs that are cooked on aluminum foil and served with sauce.

Different Types Of Cuisine

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When traveling to the area, you can expect to find a number of restaurants displaying this type of cuisine. Before you settle down, it is a good idea to take a few moments to compare the dishes that are available, as some of them may contain ingredients that you would prefer to avoid. Once you have taken note of the different types of cuisine, you will find that there is no lack of things to do. The local market is filled with all types of local produce, and every night you will be able to sample something new.

One of the most popular courses served is the hummus which is created using chickpeas, walnuts and lemon juice. If you are not familiar with this type of dish, it is made by combining all the ingredients mentioned above and then mixing them together. It is often served with Arabic desserts. The delicious dessert that is created by using nuts in the middle of a rice dish is called “tahini”. Both of these dishes are extremely popular and can easily be found when dining in an Egyptian restaurant.

Fresh Herb Such As Mint Or Rosemary

When it comes to dessert, the most famous desserts are those created using ice cream and fresh fruit. There are hundreds of recipes that use ice cream, either as a base for a light dessert or to top off a rich meal. The fruit desserts are very popular as well, and they can also be enjoyed during the summer months when the palms are just beginning to drop their leaves. The Middle East is very famous for the fresh fruits that are offered at weddings.

Arabic cuisine is known for its use of fish. Whether this is grilled fish, fillets or even halibut, it is always a favorite with the guests. Fish is usually served alongside some rice or bread, which is then topped with a fresh herb such as mint or Rosemary. Many of these dishes use an underlying dish of tomato sauce. This type of sauce is typically not spicy but goes well with the various types of seafood that are available.

Final Words

Desert is another important element of Arabic food. The two most popular deserts are Maamoul in Egypt and Chablis in the Arab League. Maamoul is often made from rice and wheat while Chablis is more like a desert braid. Both of these dishes are eaten throughout the year and are usually combined with other courses. In addition to the main courses, the dessert course is almost always offered as well.

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