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Lebanese food

Though we get enthused by a number of things which are around us there is a vast difference between being fascinated and tempted. One such thing that charms us and the very same time entices us is, cuisine. The French word cuisine means style or method of cooking that is being concerned with a particular country.

For instance, say Italian cuisine, Arabian cuisine or Indian cuisine, etc. When the word cuisine strikes our mind then a diverse range of vibrant and ebullient pictures of various food items commence visualizing in front of us and it seems as though there could never be any other thing better than this. One such cuisine that is being appreciated by millions of people across the globe is Lebanese cuisine.

This cuisine is cherished by all those people who are either gourmet or connoisseur of food. Or to be more lucid, in the simplest language, this cuisine is acknowledged and treasured by those who have a profuse and intimate love for food which refers to epicures.

Fine is meant to be like that only the scintillating external appearance of the food when given a blend of luscious and sumptuous taste from inside is very hard to put into words.

Exotic Cuisine of Lebanon

Referring to Lebanese cuisine, it is the exotic cuisine of the country of Lebanon. Also, Lebanon or officially known as the Lebanese Republic is the country of Western Asia. This Country is bordered by Syria to the north and east and Israel to the south whereas Cyrus in the west.

Now coming to the Lebanese cuisine, so Lebanese cuisine is Levantine system of cooking by the application of some predetermined techniques that date back to thousands of years ago in the country of Lebanon.

Popular Lebanese Cuisines


The mouth-watering cuisine is prepared from a number of foodstuffs such as whole grain that is really very nutritious for the human body, vegetables, fruits, starches, seafood, and animal fat, hence the list goes on and on. The various dishes are an integrated part of the cuisine of this country includes:

1) Kibbeh (Recognized as the National dish of the country of Lebanon as well as is one of the most like dishes of this western Asian country).

2) Kafta (This dish is made up of either a lamb, beef chicken meatball as well as is stuffed with onion, concludingly it is one of the prime destinations for those people who cherish non-vegetarian food a lot).

3) Kanafeh (This is an orange blossom syrup as well as is a kind of sugary cheese pastry, sweet enough to sweeten your day).

4) Also, the famous Hummus which is mostly consumed with Pita Bread.

5) Rice Pilaf (A sumptuous dish prepared with rice).

6) Fattoush (Kind of salad with numerous rich elements).

7) Manakish (Most likely to be called as Lebanese Pizza, as it is prepared from a kind of bread with sesame seeds, sumac, as well as olive oil).

8) Tabbouleh (This dish is blended of many fruits and vegetables such as Parsley, Mint, Tomatoes and other nutritious stuff).

Delicious appetizers

If after reading, you to feel that your taste buds are being triggered, then it is absolutely normal as this is what actually happens when it comes to Lebanese cuisine.

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