Arab Street Food – What Are The Pros & Cons?

Arab Street Food

The Arabic Street Food that you’ll discover is as diverse as its people, traditions and cultures. From the Levant to Morocco to Yemen, there is so much to discover that it is almost a challenge to decide where to begin, so here we are taking you from the Middle East in one street, with four great dishes that you will definitely find there. You’ll be amazed at what you find.

In a nutshell, the Arabic Street Food you will find is not only delicious but also very varied. Moreover, it has a number of pros and cons. You’ll be surprised that you are really able to find such a variety of dishes when you are walking along a street. It’s amazing! In fact, many people who go on holidays to Morocco or Jordan and other places don’t even have the chance to experience the street food in these countries. They just think they will enjoy their meals when they are back home.

The Arabic Street Food you will find not only varied, but it is also very diverse in taste. This is why you will not find many restaurants that specialize in this type of food; even the ones that do tend to stick to very general recipes. But you will find that you can get such diverse and delicious dishes that you will feel like you have experienced everything in the world. You will be able to experience the local culture.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Arab Street Food
Advantages & Disadvantages Of Arab Street Food

Arab Street Food – What Should You Know?

What makes this so wonderful is that the majority of the dishes that you will find are made from ingredients found in the Levant, Morocco, Yemen and Egypt. The ingredients used are often very simple and inexpensive. You will be surprised that you can find the most exotic spices, herbs and other ingredients to be used in this cuisine. The result is not only great tasting dishes, but they are very healthy too. This is why these dishes are popular in many Mediterranean countries as well.

The first of the dishes that you will find in the Arabic Street Food will be the hummus. This dish is made with chickpeas and offers something different to the hummus that most people are used to seeing. The texture is smoother, there is a more pronounced taste and there is a flavor that you don’t normally get with the typical hummus.

The second is the kebabs, also known as the Shawarma, which means “little chicken” in Arabic and is a type of meat that is cut in strips instead of whole. This will give you the same benefits as hummus, but this one cuts down the waste and saves you money and gives you a healthier option. You will be amazed at the choice of vegetables and spices used in this dish.

Here's Everything About Arab Street Food
Here’s Everything About Arab Street Food

Some Other Important Info

The final piece of this culinary deluxe for you is the drama. This dish is an appetizer that gives you an exotic taste that is not common to other cuisines, but that is certainly worth trying out.

And of course, you will find that all of this is topped off with a fresh salad with different types of herbs, or perhaps a desert which is a mixture of nuts and dried fruits. Some people choose to go the traditional route and have a traditional meal or two, which is great, but you can also go the alternative route and enjoy the Arabic Street Food for lunch or dinner.

If you can spend just a few minutes in the street, you’ll see that the food is varied, diverse and offers a great variety that has never been seen before. So, if you are planning a trip to one of the places listed here make sure you pack some things for your trip because you’re going to need it!

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