Arabian Delish: Seven Must-try Desserts

7 Mouthwatering Arabic Desserts You Must Try

Arabic desserts are simply awesome. If you want to try a new dessert from a different cuisine, then go for these ones. Many Arabic dishes such as hummus have gained popularity all over the world.

Like this, there are many dishes that are now known everywhere including shawarmas and kebabs. When it comes to desserts, Arabic desserts are unique and different from traditional chocolates and cakes. But all of them are must-try and delicious.

Middle Eastern and Arabic Desserts

There are many desserts that originate from Middle Eastern cultures. Let’s look into some of them.


The main ingredient found in this dessert is cheese. Middle Eastern cheesecake is very popular. Knafeh has its origin in Palestine but this dessert has gained the highest popularity ever all over Arab world. This dessert is very simple.

The base and the main ingredients include cheese, pistachio, sugar, and knafeh dough. In each and every Arab restaurant, you can find this dessert.

Umm Ali

This is an Egyptian dessert. This is one of the very tasty and mouth-watering desserts. The term Umm Ali means Ali’s Mother. This dessert is a type of bread pudding. The main ingredients include different types of nuts and pastry bread. The nuts that can be used include almonds and pistachios.

Rice Pudding – One Of Most Amazing Arabic Desserts

7 Mouthwatering Arabic Desserts You Must Try
Arabian Delish: Seven Must-try Desserts

This dessert is available in many variants all over the world. This is of the staple sweets of the Arab cuisine. You can find this dessert in most of the culture’s restaurants. The main ingredients are sugar, rice, and rose water. This dessert is usually topped with pistachios. This is totally different from other desserts of Arabic cuisine.


This is one of the variants of ice cream. This can be considered as Iranian ice cream. This is one of the frozen desserts that are extremely popular in the Middle East but today it is available all over the world. The main ingredients are rose water, milk, sugar, vanilla, and saffron.


Dates are also one of the staples that are found in Arabic cuisine. Actually, dates play a major role in countries where religious and historic importance is high in culinary culture. Not only in breaking fasting, dates are used for many other desserts in the Middle East cuisine. This dessert takes a lot of variations.


This is one of the very popular Lebanese pastries. This is used mostly used on religious dates. This is also a part of Christian culture. This is the dessert that is said to unite both religions. The taste of this dessert is incredible. There only very few ingredients needed for this dessert: sugar, flour, and yeast.


7 Mouthwatering Arabic Desserts You Must Try
Arabian Delish: Seven Must-try Desserts

This is one of the pastries that gained high popularity all over the Middle East. It has its origin in the Ottoman Empire. It is available in most countries today.

End Notes

These are some of the very popular, mouth-watering Arabic desserts. Each one of these is unique and offers the best taste. The best part is that most of these desserts are easy to prepare.

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