Arabic Dishes And Sweets – That Can Satisfy Your Sugartooth

arabic dishes and sweets

Are you looking for Arabic dishes and sweets? Arabian food is famous worldwide, especially for its sweet dishes that they serve on special occasions or after a regular meal. Most popular desserts come from the Arab, and we have put together a tasty list of some of these sweet dishes. In addition, the Arab world is massive, and rightly, the desserts are plenty too. From Kunafa to Katayef, there are so many delicious Arabic dishes and sweets that you must try. 

Kunafa – Arabic Dishes And Sweets

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The Kunafa is a dessert that finds its origins in many different countries around the Arab world. The Kunafa is made with noodle-like pastry or semolina strands in orange and yellow color. It is made with a cheesy filling added inside and then dipped and soaked in sweet sugar syrup. It can also contain cream cheese or mozzarella cheese to enhance its taste and can also top with nuts of your choice. When you take the first bite, the stretchy cheese seeps out and sizzles on the hot plate. The mouth-watering Kunafa is one of the most famous Arab desserts all over the world.


A plate of food on a wooden table

Katayef is an Arabic sweet dish that is filled with cream and nuts and topped with syrup. It can even bake them or fry them as an extra step to make them more delicious. Katayef has been served the same for centuries; even this has not kept Nutella from spreading its influence as filling inside them.


The Luqaimat is a delicious brown dumpling that is deep-fried and smothered in date syrup and sesame seeds. These sweet balls are crispy, crunchy, and soft all at the same time. The fried outer is slightly hard, but the soft mush inside will fill your mouth. In addition, the Luqaimat is often topped with Nutella, sugar, or honey syrup to enhance the taste. 

Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a dessert that has long been used as a medical remedy for digestion problems and upset stomachs. It is made sweetly with a few ingredients, including rice, milk, sugar, cream, and nuts. All these components are cooked together and served after garnishing with saffron, nuts, cinnamon, honey, and cream. More recent variations involve a nice cold scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the pudding.


Baklava was developed during the Ottoman empire, and you can find it in many parts of Europe, including Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. In addition, you can find it in countries in the Levant and the middle east. Baklava is an international Arabian desert that has sweetness in its every bite. A small bite-size sweet garnished with nuts and then spread out in an array on a dish or tray.

Summing Up

Overall, Arabic sweets have a habit of satisfying your sugar tooth like no other desert out there. Hopefully, you can now make a list of what you need to order next time you go for Arabic dishes and sweets.

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