Arabic Garlic Paste Recipe That Makes The Meal More Tasty

arabic garlic paste recipe

Garlic is known to have an array of health benefits ranging from lowering cholesterol levels to reducing the risks of various heart diseases, it is a great addition to your everyday meals and tastes scrumptious with just about anything as well. So how can one say no to such a flavourful paste that can be used as a dip, sauce, and condiment and makes every plate of meaty kebabs or fried sweet potatoes taste better? Hence, here’s an Arabic garlic paste recipe you must try making at home if you haven’t already to avoid the regular hassle of peeling and mincing garlic every day, and the recipe is listed below. If you’re thinking about making Arabic garlic paste at home since the portions from the takeaway orders are never sufficient, look no further as we’ve put together a complete step-by-step guide!

Arabic Garlic Paste Recipe – Ingredients

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Include one cup of garlic cloves garlic (130g).

Include two teaspoons of kosher salt (use 1 teaspoon if you’re using table salt instead).

Include one-fourth cup (60g) of fresh juice from two sliced lemons.

Include one-fourth cup (60g) of ice water.

Include three cups (600g) of either grapeseed or canola oil.


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After splitting the garlic cloves in half, add the salt to the garlic in a food processor bowl and mix it well until the garlic is finely minced. Add the lemon juice and continue doing the same until the texture turns to a paste. When it does, proceed to add another spoon of lemon juice and continue the process until the paste becomes airy and fluffier.

Now turn the food processor on and drizzle half a cup of oil followed by another tablespoon of lemon juice and keep doing this with equally timed breaks in between until the allocated oil and water have been completely emptied out into the mixture. Try to make sure the amount of oil and water that is being added in every break is roughly evenly divided as well.

Now the paste just needs to be refrigerated for a month and it is ready for consumption after.

How To Serve With Arabic Garlic Paste Recipe

This Arabian garlic dip is a flavourful alternative to mayonnaise for those looking to spice up their regular sandwiches or nuggets with a vegan twist and powerful garlic punch. It is, however, usually served alongside shawarmas and can be used for roasted vegetables or charred / grilled meat. It also tastes great when stirred into soups and pasta and some even add it to their marinade mix for chicken or beef due to its delicious taste and flavor.


If you are planning to serve something along with your main dish, you should make sure the side dish or the dip, simply does not overpower the taste of the main dish and on that note, this one will be the best complimentary dish you can offer with minimal effort. Garlic dips are always loved by anyone who likes a little flavor to enhance their food and this Arabic garlic paste does not disappoint!

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