Arabic Recipe For Hummus – How to Cook the Middle Eastern Cuisine

arabic recipe for hummus

Most people are not aware of the existence of an Arabic recipe for hummus, but this type of cooking is so popular that you will almost never run into one in the traditional stores in America. This dish originated from the ancient country of Mesopotamia and is made in a variety of ways including in a blender and cooked on the side. The Arabic recipe for hummus is really a more complex version than the simple mix you find at most grocery stores, and the preparation can be difficult because of the ingredients used.

Hummus is a favorite among all types of eating occasions; it’s good any time of the day. It is a light, airy dish that’s great to have with any kind of meal. The best part of it is that it is healthy because it is made from a combination of vegetables and nuts. One example of a typical type of Hummus is baba ghanoush. This is also a very healthy dish and is usually eaten by those who don’t feel like a heavy, creamy dip.

The Way Of Preparation

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Hummus is prepared by blending chickpeas, tahini, and other ingredients. These ingredients help to give the dish its thickness, while also adding flavor. Baba ghanoush is usually mixed with olive oil, yogurt, and garlic. It has a nice taste that many people enjoy. The key to creating a great hummus dish is to use the freshest ingredients available.

Another popular dish with people of Middle Eastern descent is the falafel. The falafel is very easy to prepare, and many people love to eat it for breakfast or as a snack throughout the day. However, they like to have it in their lunch box with salads. The recipe for falafel is very simple; you’ll need a packet of dried chickpeas, olive oil, and spices.

Arabic Falafel Recipe

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The Arabic recipe for hummus is not the same as the falafel, as both are more traditionally made. The main difference between the two is that falafel is made from ground up beans. There is no ground up chickpeas, and there is no olive oil. Instead the falafel is made using tomatoes, onion, coriander, and cumin and then coated in garlic powder and spices, salt, and sometimes cumin seed or ground cumin are added. Other toppings that may be added include parsley, mint leaves, and even raisins for a unique flavor.

When it comes to preparing this dish, you want to make sure that the meat is fresh and completely cooled before beginning. This is because once the meat is partially cooked it will have a tendency to stay hot. This means that when it comes to cooking the hummus, you need to have it served cold.

Prepare It Well

Once the meat mixture is prepared, you can begin to mix it together. You can use a blender or a food processor to get the desired consistency. Some people like the meat to be lumpy and some prefer it to be crumbly. This is up to personal preference, but remember that you should try to keep the meat in its own juices.

Once the mixture has been blended well, it’s time to add the spices and then the veggies. This makes the mixture very easy to mix together and the flavor should be very good. After it is done, you simply mix it with your hands until the consistency is the right consistency to which you like and enjoy it.

You may find that the Arabic recipe for hummus tastes better if it has been made with yogurt. This is simply due to the fact that the yogurt will retain the natural flavors and the fat in the meat will be broken down into simple sugars.

Mix Things Well

To make the Arabic version of this recipe, simply combine all ingredients except the water in a blender or food processor. After blending the mixture, add in the water and then add the yogurt and process until the desired consistency is achieved. Now you simply eat it hot or cold. Some people enjoy it cold while others enjoy it hot.


Of course, this traditional way of cooking this dish will also give you a lot of different ideas on how to change it up. You can also add in different flavors and spices to give it a unique taste. You may even decide to cook it with different meats such as lamb or fish to make it more interesting.

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