Arabic Salad – Here Is Why You Would Just Love It!

Arabic Salad

Arabic Salad, as the name implies, is a type of salad which originated in the ancient lands of the Arabs. Combining a variety of different spices and fruits, and often accompanied by meat, Arabic salads contain many diverse ingredients that anybody can embrace and love to savor. In fact, this salad is so diverse that it can even be served as a healthy alternative to the usual unhealthy lunch meals.

As is well known, Arabic salad is not only popular in Arabic lands but it is also popular throughout the Muslim world and, more specifically, in Saudi Arabia, the country where it originated. It is not surprising that so many Muslims, both men and women, eat this salad with the meat on the table since it is so healthy for them.

Arabic salad is actually composed of all kinds of fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables. Although the list of ingredients would include a variety of fruits, the most important ones include cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, mint leaves, almonds, olives, parsley, dates, garlic, tahini (sesame paste), olive oil and lemon juice.

The Arabic salad is usually served with fresh fruits like cucumber and tomatoes, and some other vegetables, such as spinach, parsley, mint and spinach leaves, to give it a very light texture and make the salad taste better. Moreover, this salad has a high content of vitamins and minerals, including calcium and magnesium.

Learn To Make Arabic Salad
Learn To Make Arabic Salad

What Are The Main Ingredients?

The main ingredient, which is found in most Arabic salads, is lettuce. The most popular variety is romaine lettuce, which is the green variety and is usually served raw.

There are a lot of different types of other vegetables, which are used in the preparation of Arabic salad. The most popular are carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, turnips and radishes, all of which are cooked to perfection and served on the salad plates.

Most Arabs add a generous amount of lemon juice to their salads and serve it with the traditional mint and tahini sauce. Most people even add other ingredients like almonds and cashews in order to give it a taste that is unique and distinct from other salad ingredients.

So if you are planning to prepare Arabic salad, you may find it easier to buy the salad ingredients in bulk. Also, you must cook it for yourself rather than going to a restaurant and paying huge prices. You should also buy a blender to make this food preparation easier and save time and money. Also, you can easily find the recipes available on the internet by searching for keywords like ‘Arabic salad recipe’ or ‘Arabs salad’ (etc.) on your favorite search engine.

How Can You Make Your Own Arabic Salad?

To make the Arabic salad, you need to start by picking up the lettuce and the tomatoes from the supermarket. Cut the green parts into quarters so that you would end up with two thin slices. Then, use the flat end of a blender to do the slicing. Also, it is recommended that you do the slicing over the counter; you must let it stay in the freezer for the required length of time. Don’t let it have time to defrost.

Arabic Salad Ingredients
Arabic Salad Ingredients

After you have cut up your lettuce, you should rinse them off well and keep them aside to let them dry for an adequate length of time. You may also wash your cut up tomatoes thoroughly to add fresh mint leaves, olives, dates and other herbs that you would like to add in the salad.

You should use your blender to puree the lettuce and tomato mixture so that the flavors would not get mixed up and to make the dressing for the Arabic salad. Add your chopped parsley and tahini for dressing, and then season it with lemon juice and salt. You may also add dried mint and parsley leaf or basil to give it a bit of extra flavor.

After you have added the dressing, mix the ingredients together and spread it evenly into the lettuce and tomatoes on the salad plates. For garnishing, you can also add fresh mint leaves or dates.

You can serve the Arabic salad with some basmati rice or even on your dinner plate. There are many variations of this type of salad, but one of the best is a mixed salad that contains cucumber, spinach, peas, tomatoes, radishes, spinach leaves and garlic.

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