Arabic Sweet: 10 Delicious Sweets For The Sweet Tooth

Arabic Sweet

Arabic cuisine has a fame for its honey, almonds, and dates as raw ingredients. And there are no shortages of any desserts for exploring. However, one must know where to find the best Arabic sweet for a celebration. In case you are planning to add Arabic sweet into any celebration, you must know which are right for you and your guests. However, the list will make your mouth water as you would read through:

Arabic Sweet: Baklava

Among all Middle-eastern Arabic sweet, baklava is the most well-known. It is a flaky, filo-pastry dessert that has lots of layers of syrup or honey. Probably, the origin of the pastry is Turkey; but many similar desserts are also other Middle-east countries. The rich flavor of the baklava comes from traditional chopped nuts inside it. And the nuts differ from one region to the other.

Delicious Arabic sweets
Arabic Sweet: 10 Delicious Sweets For The Sweet Tooth


For Eid celebration, Ma’amoul is a great dessert. However, you should never limit the tasty delight for only occasions. Sometimes, this dessert is made of cookies, and other times it can be found in pastry form. The sweet is full of dates, figs, and walnuts, making you want it more.

Arabic Sweet: Basbousa

You probably have heard of Basbousa; it is a semolina cake. It’s a Middle-Eastern delicacy that stays covered in delicious syrup. Often, it is made of rose or orange water for the extra flavor. Traditionally, this cake is for religious celebrations and feasts.


Barazik is definitely an Egyptian delicacy. You will recognize it by the coat of sesame seeds outside the cookie. It is actually made of pistachios, honey, and plenty of sugar. And people enjoy the sweet alongside a cup of tea or coffee. As these cookies are thin, rich, and crunchy, they make for a great gift for dinner parties or any gatherings.

Arabic Sweet: Kanafeh

Are you unable to choose between dessert and cheese? You don’t have to worry about it; Kanafeh is here. Kanafeh is a traditional dessert that comes from soaking the soft-cheese pastry in syrup. You will taste the right level of sweetness when you take a bite from it. The origin of Kanafeh is Palestine. Also, lots of versions are available in various Middle-eastern countries. Some use semolina, and some use noodles for making the soft delicacy. Sometimes, for adding extra taste, it is often soaked in orange or rose water too.


Ghraybeh is another shortbread cookie from Lebanon. And the sweet is so soft that it melts in your mouth smoothly. Also, the tasty dessert comprises of ghee, pistachios and powdered sugar. This special mixture gives ghraybeh creamy and light taste. The taste of the ghraybeh is so tasty that you may go up to four pieces. In some recipes, you will find there are also orange blossom water and semolina.

Arabic Sweet: Om Ali

Do you know Om Ali means Ali’s mother? We can assume that it tastes as good as how moms make. Om Ali is a bread pudding that includes coconut, pistachios, sugar, and raisins. Typically, the making finishes with cinnamon sprinkles. You can try it from a reputed Egyptian restaurant.


One can compare Awamat to India’s gulab jamun. These are donut balls soaked in syrup for making extremely sweet for the taste. These are Lebanese sweets that are deep-fried and, most times, have orange blossoms. It is a great dessert that you would want to share. It’s crispy and crunchy outside, with soft and doughy inside makes it perfect.

Best Arabic sweet to taste in Middle-east
Arabic Sweet: 10 Delicious Sweets For The Sweet Tooth

Arabic Sweet: Sutlac

Sutlac is known more commonly as the baked rice pudding of Turkey. And this delicate sweet is made of milk and adding of water. Also, there are some sprinkles of raisins and cinnamon in the sweet too. If you want to, you can check for the recipe and try out on your own. You will surely love it.

Arabic Sweet: Namoura

Namoura is an Arabic semolina cake. And the cake is great for an orange blossom or rose water flavor along with the dense texture. In Middle-East countries, they serve the cake with a hot cup of tea. It’s rich, even when sweet and chewy. It is a perfect mouth-watering treat for finishing the Iftar dinner or Eid feast.

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