Arabic Sweets And Dishes You Will Fall In Love With

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We eat different sorts of food. And desserts are the attraction of every meal. From kids to adults everybody loves desserts and nobody likes to share them with anyone. Sweets are the sweetest desserts one can easily avail, eat and enjoy. There are several countries with distinct dessert items. Especially Middle-east countries are fond of sweets. Nobody can ignore when they heard about Arabic sweets. Arabic sweets originate from many different cultures due to the civilization that occupied the region. It consists of multiple, perfectly balanced flavors with, smooth texture with a delicious taste. 

Pros and Cons of Eating Sweets

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Sweets are considered instant mood elevators. It provides an immediate burst of energy. It helps store energy for a late time.

Sweets consist of multiple disadvantages like it can be the cause of weight gain, it affects our heart, increases the risk of type-2 diabetes, etc. 

Sweet Secrets of Arabic Sweets

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Kataifi, saffron, cardamom, condensed milk, orange blossom water, semolina, dates, rose water, tahini, pistachio nuts, and others are some of the delicious secrets of Arabic exquisite sweets. Kataifi is a shredded phyllo dough that is used to make a pastry that is often used in Middle Eastern sweets. Tahini is a sesame seed paste that gives a thick, creamy texture that’s popular in the region, especially around the Mediterranean. This delicious, citrussy elixir is made from distilled orange flowers and utilized in sugary syrups, in the same way, rose water is. Traditional Arabic sweets are thin layers of dough packed with pistachios, cooked in ghee or oil, sweetened, and kept together with sugar syrup.

Distinct Arabic Sweets

Kunafa is one of the most popular sweets among the Arabic sweets found at a variety of Arabian restaurants and stores that specialize in this delectable dessert. The meal is topped with crushed vermicelli noodles or shredded wheat with a thick coating of white cheese.

Eid is a holy festival and it is incomplete without Umm Ali, a popular sweet dish in Middle-east. Pistachios dried coconut flakes, and dates are stacked in a big dish with pistachios, dried coconut flakes, and dates, making this delightfully creamy bread and butter pudding slightly different than the sort enjoyed in the West. 

Rice pudding prepared with milk, milk, cream, sugar, and almonds is called Roz Bel Laban. The dessert has often been considered a treatment for stomachaches and digestive issues. A lovely scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the pudding seems to be a more recent variant.

Aish El Saraya is a dessert from the Middle East that will entice everybody in the home. This is also a pudding, but it’s soft and creamy with a lot of dried fruits in it.


With their beautiful outlooks and delectable tastes, Arabic sweets can snatch anyone’s attention. Before they didn’t have sugar they used to soak dates in water to use in making sweets which is very healthful as dates have their medicinal value. You’ll enjoy Arabic sweets if you have a sweet craving since they contain a little bit of everything in them.

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