Best 10 Middle Eastern Sweets Ideas

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If you have a Middle Eastern friend or family, surely they would love to receive one of these recipes as a gift. Whenever I visit my middle eastern girlfriend, I bring some middle eastern sweets recipes for her to try and she just loves it! And whenever we have a party all of our middle eastern friends are all about middle eastern sweets recipes.

So, if you are looking for middle eastern party ideas, middle eastern snacks ideas, or middle eastern desserts, I have here middle eastern sweets recipes that you can try out!

1) Middle Eastern Baklava Recipe

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This is one of the most popular middle-eastern sweets around, especially during special occasions. It’s super-rich so it’s only good in moderation… But who says no to a second piece? This middle eastern baklava recipe has most nuts inside with little amount of honey. So go ahead and enjoy this tasty dessert!

2) Middle Eastern Mahalabia (Milk Pudding) Recipe

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Mahalabia (also known as Ma’halabiya) is a middle eastern pudding that is usually made during Easter. It has a unique flavor to it and it’s absolutely delicious! This middle eastern mahalabia recipe will give you the best homemade middle eastern pudding ever invented due to its rich calorie content. So… go ahead and treat yourself!

3) Middle Eastern Halva Recipe

This version of middle eastern halva uses semolina instead of flour, making it much healthier than other middle eastern halvas out there. In Arabic, halva means “sweet”, but in this case, we’re actually gonna use sugar (of course). However, we’re going to add water for more moisture into it and some cocoa powder in order to make sure that middle eastern halva has that middle eastern flavor to it.

3) Middle Eastern Rice Pudding Recipe

Middle eastern rice pudding recipes are usually made with vermicelli, milk, and sugar. And this middle eastern rice pudding recipe uses no eggs, so it’s much healthier than other middle eastern rice puddings you can find online. Despite being healthier, this middle eastern rice pudding is still thick and creamy, just how I like it!

5) Delicious Middle Eastern Kunafa Recipe (Kadaif)

Adjust the middle eastern kunafa recipe by adding more water if you’re using dry kadaif dough because the middle east kunafa will turn out dry otherwise. One good strategy for checking Kunafa assal is to check if it’s moist and not sticking to the fingers. It’s good to hear that middle eastern kunafa is a middle eastern dessert recipe that takes time and it needs patience.

6) Best Middle Eastern Maamoul Recipe (Shortbread Cookies with Dates)

These middle eastern maamoul recipes use dates as their main ingredient which can be found anywhere in the middle east region. This middle eastern maamoul recipe makes use of simple ingredients like flour, butter, sugar, frothy egg whites, and dates. But this middle eastern maamoul recipe will give you the best homemade middle eastern cookies ever! Make sure to share these cookies with your family and friends because they’re gonna love them!

7) Mess-free Middle Eastern Fatayer Recipe (Greek Spinach Pie)

If you like middle eastern spinach pies, then this middle eastern fatayer recipe will definitely make your day because it’s mess-free! This middle eastern fatayer recipe has ground beef inside which makes mixed with spinach to create middle eastern spinach pie. There are many middle eastern recipes like middle eastern kebab which uses ground beef in them, but this one does not use lamb, so it’s perfect for vegetarians out there who love middle eastern food.

8) Easy Middle Eastern Baklava Phyllo Dough Recipe

This middle eastern baklava is made using phyllo dough instead of the usual middle east baklawa pastry dough. This middle eastern baklava phyllo dough recipe makes use of butter in order to give it a rich taste and aroma. Phyllo dough is also commonly used for middle eastern spanakopita or middle eastern spinach pie recipes because it’s thin, crispy, flaky, and melts in the mouth when you eat it.

9) Middle Eastern Knafeh Recipe (Cheese Pudding Cake with Raisins)

This middle eastern knafeh recipe uses store-bought kataifi dough which can be found at middle east grocery shops. This middle eastern knafeh recipe contains white cheese which gives out that salty flavor we all love about middle eastern desserts! Although this middle knafeh recipe has lots of middle east cheese in it, the sugar and syrup make up for that saltiness we all love about middle eastern knafeh!

10) Authentic Middle Eastern Baklava Recipe (Greek Phyllo and Walnut Pie)

This middle eastern baklava recipe is one of my favorite middle eastern desserts because aside from being a middle east treat, phyllo dough is also commonly used in Greek cuisine. This middle baklava recipe contains two types of middle east nuts: walnuts and pistachio nuts. In addition to this, this middle baklava recipe also has cardamom mixed with rose water which gives this middle eastern baklawa an amazing aroma!

There you have it guys! The best middle eastern desserts you can ever think of! So what are you waiting for, grab your kitchen utensils and start baking right away!

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