Best Spoon: The Silver Medal by Stainless Steel

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Should the best spoon be silver or gold or anything else? Ever came across this thought? Also, ever wondered why these silver spoons or copper bowls get a black lining or layer now and then? Such blackening is caused by oxidation. Many metals including copper, silver, zinc, magnesium, oxidize when they come in contact with air and develop their oxides into a black layer. Thanks to various studies on the chemistry of utensils and silverware, we are able to know the revelation of this truth.

Best Spoon - Silver Medal by Stainless Steel
Best Spoon – Silver Medal by Stainless Steel

Silver Medal By Stainless steel

Researches are conducted many times regarding the identification of the best material for a spoon. Such research includes the purpose of identifying materials for creating the best spoon that gives the original taste of food. One study also explains the behavior of different metals used in spoon.

Food flavor is influenced by the reduction potential of the metal, or its affinity for oxidation after contact with oxygen in the air. After testing various metals, it was found that gold is the best material. Indeed, the metal silver (Ag) proved to be lousy as it oxidizes very easily and quickly. However, a silver metal designed by Stainless Steel (not a metal) created opportunities although it gave a slightly salty flavor on the tongue.

All these studies focused on the effects of the silver spoon on food and on the person eating the food. When the spoon comes in contact with the tongue, saliva, and moisture of the person, a chemical reaction can take place. The metal leaves its atoms in the mouth of the person, and it goes down in bloodstream, where it can develop disorders such as argyria. Argyria happens due to the intake, inhalation, or ingestion of silver atoms in the human body.

In history, in many kingdoms and regions, people used silverware to show off the riches of royalty rather than its feasibility for use. Just because it shines and is bright, it was used to give a feel of wealth.

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A Race For The Best Spoon

Now that we understand this problem with silverware, what is the solution? Based on the results of the research, either gold or stainless steel can be used for cutlery. But gold? Won’t that be too expensive to use all the time? This high cost leaves us to the use of stainless steel. Although steel does not rust due to oxidization, stainless steel can be regularly cleaned to prevent rust.

Best Spoon - Silver Medal by Stainless Steel
Best Spoon – Silver Medal by Stainless Steel

Moreover, it should be no surprise that now is the perfect time to completely switch to stainless steel, which is best for everyone’s health. It is best for the health of all dear women who work in the kitchen.

However, next comes the factor of affordability for manufacturing viability. Stainless steel is a treated alloy or version of steel.

Wrapping Up

Steel is derived from iron mixed with a certain percentage of carbon. There is no doubt that the price is quite low and that its manufacturing cost can be much better than silver or gold. As well, thanks to the automotive industry, the latest of cutting-edge technologies have arrived in the market for stainless steel. This will soon be used to create beautiful, creative, and artistic cutlery.

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