Cooking From the Middle East

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Many Arabic food recipes are similar to other traditional cuisines and consist of several ingredients, most commonly rice and wheat. The ingredients used vary according to what type of food is being prepared, the region where it is being prepared and whether it is cooked for a large group or simply for one individual.

The local ingredients used can also vary, depending on the season and the area where the food is being prepared. For instance, in countries like Iraq, the local ingredients used to prepare local dishes include dates, parsley, dried mint leaves and olive oil, while in Egypt the local ingredients used include cucumbers, onions, garlic and fresh parsley. In Yemen, local ingredients include yogurt, honey, watermelon juice, dates, raisins and almonds.

As you can see, there are regional differences in ingredients used to prepare food from one region to another. These regional differences are quite important, because the regional differences often result in unique regional cuisine recipes. For instance, it is not surprising that the ingredients used to prepare food in areas such as the Sinai Peninsula, Iraq and Iran are different than the ones used in areas such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Popular Restaurants

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Some of the more popular restaurants in these regions are named after the food or even the region of origin. For example, Al-Hussein Restaurant in Dubai and Tazikiya in Abu Dhabi have Arabic cuisine restaurants named after their restaurants. However, it is the type of food that is served at these restaurants, which is the real reason why these restaurants are so popular. There is no denying that the taste and presentation of food at these restaurants rival many restaurants which are found around the world.

Arabic cuisine has also become so popular in the United States in recent years. This popularity has been fueled in part by the increase in the number of restaurants, which have opened, primarily in major metropolitan cities. Many of these restaurants serve authentic Arabic cuisine, as well as some of the more popular foods such as burgers and sandwiches.

Traditional Arabic Cuisine

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In addition to these urban restaurants that serve traditional Arabic cuisine, there are now many satellite dishes which have become hugely popular in the United States. Many of these satellite dishes are based on Middle Eastern food, such as hummus and baba ghanoush. These dishes are often prepared with some of the same ingredients as the traditional dishes, but have a different presentation which makes them appealing to those who do not normally eat Middle Eastern foods.

Other popular dishes are also based on the cuisine of the Middle East. One of these dishes is called shish kebabs, which is usually served with rice and lemon and spices. Another popular dish, which is made with meat and rice is called taking.

For example, shish kebabs may be served with steamed rice, while a take may be served with plain white rice.

Shopping For Authentic Arab Cuisine Recipes

When it comes to shopping for authentic Arab cuisine recipes, it is important to keep in mind that most of these recipes will require you to purchase a special sauce, which is a thick cream that is prepared by boiling many spices in a saucepan. In addition to this sauce, some of the dishes may also require you to buy a variety of other ingredients in order to prepare the dish.

The most popular ingredients used in these types of Arabic dishes include dates, raisins, figs, walnuts, mint and cinnamon. While the cooking methods used will vary slightly depending on the region, the basic ingredients are always the same.

You can often find these dishes in many ethnic food stores, especially in the Middle Eastern community, which also sells other Middle Eastern food items such as Arabic coffee or tea, as well as spices and condiments. You will also find these dishes being sold in many grocery stores in supermarkets across America.


The key to enjoying authentic Arabic cuisine at home is to purchase only the freshest ingredients, and to use high quality products. It is important to check the labels carefully before using any ingredient. Remember to cook the dishes only with ingredients from the Middle East to avoid any potential problems.

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