Desert Recipes From The Middle East

saudi arabian dessert recipes

Dessert is one of the most loved themes in Arabic desserts, and Saudi Arabian dessert recipes are no exception. This cuisine is unique due to the abundance of local fruits and nuts in addition to the use of cooking methods which involve heating food on a stove or baking in clay ovens. However, the deserts preserve their local flavour while also adapting to the needs of a modern market place. This article will introduce you to some of the most popular dessert dishes from this region.

An Overview

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Sweets are almost as important in desert cuisine as is the main dish. Berber foods such as dates are often used as the main ingredients for these types of deserts. Other sweets can be made from almonds, pistachios, dates and even raisins. Desserts, which are often made from rice or khawa (a type of gourd) flour are called “tahini” or “tahalli” desserts. Some desserts from the Sinai Peninsula are made with walnuts and pistachios as the main ingredients.

Like many desserts, the most popular dessert of the Squid tribe is hazelnut. The dessert recipe of this desert is usually in the form of a cone. It is made from a mixture of dates, walnuts and hazelnuts combined. The dessert is often served as a dessert at home to share with guests. This dessert is usually eaten by young children as a snack.

Best Desserts

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Another desert speciality of Squid tribal desserts is the baklava. Baklava is spiced wheat flour that has been cooked and then covered in thick milk and then left to cool. A sweet, nutty flavor is often added. This dessert is served as a desert during the Suqid festival. Baklava differs from other desert recipes in that it is not as thick as the other deserts that are commonly served in restaurants.

There are many other desserts that fall into the Squid dessert category. Other desert specialties include the shaman, which is a desert of dates, raisins and dates with a hint of rum in its taste. The makhaira, which is an Arab dessert of dates, almonds and sesame seeds. The haremed, which is also an Arabic dessert but is made with dates, is a thick pudding that is spiced. The karkady, which is also an Arabic name, is a thick, soft, sweetened cream that is filled with dates, nuts and cream. These different types of dessert desserts can be made in many different sizes.

Special Dessert Types

Some Arabic dessert recipes are more elaborate and include several kinds of fillings. There are many different fillings that can be added to these deserts, such as fruit, sugar and even spices. One of the more popular fillings is walnuts. Other popular ingredients include fruit, cheese, almonds and even sugar.

These desserts can be paired with many different kinds of fruits. Some of the more common ones include peaches, pears, dates and even blueberries. The flavors can be combined to create some very unique desserts that are very pleasing to the taste buds. There are many different kinds of flavors that can be used to compliment the desert. For instance, honey and lemon are commonly used to make desserts that are very refreshing.

Desserts that are made from dates are very popular, especially if they are made with fresh fruit. Many times a desert will have dates that have been wrapped in wax paper and then eaten. These dates can be bought from most Middle Eastern groceries. They are also available online. Other common dessert ingredients include sugar, milk and sometimes even fruit.

Nutty Desserts

Some deserts can be made from nuts. Almonds are one of the more popular nuts used to create a dessert recipe. They can be spread on a plate and then eaten. They can also be mixed in with different flavors. Pecans are another popular choice when it comes to dessert recipes. They can be spread and served or even made into a snack.

Dessert recipes can also be made with different types of candy or chocolate. When it comes to candy, pistachios are very popular. However, other forms of candy can also be used. Honey is also a popular ingredient for dessert recipes. Some desserts can also be made from different types of ice cream. There are all sorts of different flavors that can be used.


Desserts are always a hit no matter what type of dessert is being served. They are often easy to prepare and often take little preparation. This is good because desserts are oftentimes calorie heavy. Therefore, it is often a better idea to make them low calorie and simply have them as desserts rather than high calorie foods.

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