Easy Arabic Dishes To Know – The Ultimate Guide To Beginners

easy arabic dishes

You might have experience cooking various dishes and might be looking for something new but remember it is the same principle in cooking. You have to learn the basics, try it out multiple times until you find your version of the recipe, after which you can master it. Especially when you are learning something new, a completely different cuisine, you should know the names of beginners’ dishes. The list will help you find out recipes from popular chefs to try out at home. Well, it is time we read more about the easy Arabic dishes.

Easy Arabic Dishes

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Without further ado, let us take out some easy Arabic dishes here.

Shish Taouk: Don’t let the name scare you because it is the Arabic version of the chicken kebob. Of course, the recipe will be a bit different, but it is definitely easy to prepare. If you buy the chopped chicken from the supermarket, then all you have left to do is skewing, grilling, and adding a few vegetables and spices for taste.

Falafel: As the most popular Arabic dish, it is also one of the easiest ones. The recipe that expects you to throw in some lettuce, onions, and tahini will get you a dish worthy for lunch.

Kofta: If you are done with hot dogs and burgers, you can always turn to Kofta. Bake it in the oven or grill it. The result is fabulous, anyway.

Cauliflower Hummus: This might sound like a unique dish, well, it. The recipe will require you to get an ingredient that is commonly used in the Middle Eastern regions – the cauliflower. You have to incorporate it into the hummus and what you will be getting is a traditional Arabian dish. The traditional version will have chickpeas, while this version brings cauliflower to get a light feel.

More Interesting Dishes

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Ghoraibi: Not everything is about the main dishes. Let’s get into the favorite cookie part. Ghoraibi is the butter cookie made in the easy Arabic manner.

Pita Bread: In this dish, getting the dough to rise might be difficult, but once you have the basics done, it is just as easy as making a pie.

Tahini Salad: If you are health conscious, you might want to try this out. You should know that this salad is a part of Palestinian cuisine, demonstrating a key place. We promise you will have an incredible taste and this can be eaten with bread or be considered a meal on its own.

Asabe Zainab: What could be more interesting than a pastry roll that is filled with cheese? Well, that is Asabe Zainab for you.


Remember, it is okay to have a bad cooking day because if you are experienced with French, Italian style cooking, the spicy Arabic dishes could take some time for you to learn. The recipes could be quite different and unique. So, trying it out as many times as possible will only make you master the art. Some of the dishes mentioned above may take only a little effort. Either way, you have to make sure that you add your essence to this cooking style to make it unique. The idea is to have fun and learn more.

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