Eggplant Arabic Recipes – Making An Amazing Eggplant Salad With A Delicious Dish

eggplant arabic recipe

One of the best ways to prepare an eggplant dish is to make the eggplant Arabic recipe. It is an amazing dish that you will find in almost all the restaurants around the world. This is an easy dish that is very tasty. Eggplant Arabic recipe has many variations and has many uses. You can have this dish at a simple lunch or dinner at home or you can have it as a part of your main course for dinner. You need to start by washing the eggplant. Use a wooden strainer to squeeze the skin from the eggplant. Then you can use your fingers to peel off the skin. Place the peeled eggplant on your vegetables and serve with the dressing. You can also make a salad out of the eggplant and cucumber.

Marinade Your Eggplant

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In order to have a delicious eggplant dish, you have to marinade your eggplant in olive oil. Once you add the olive oil to the eggplant, it will be easier to peel off the skin and also the marinade will make it tender and juicy. There are different varieties of eggplant. When cooking, you have to choose the ones that are firm, sweet, and moist inside. You can get the best ones from Egypt or the Mediterranean. These varieties are the ones you will have the best taste from.

Cut The Eggplant Into Pieces

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You can bake the eggplant and then drizzle on some sauce. Or you can cut the eggplant into pieces and roast them. For that, you can put them in the oven and cook until they get brown and crispy. You can also cook them and cut them into pieces and roast them on a tray. You will find many versions of this dish in the markets of the world. Eggplant is also great in salads. You can take the meat or chicken, mix it with the eggplant and serve it as a main course. You can also have eggplant dip and eggplant pizza. The different ways you can prepare this dish will give you the flavors and taste you need. So try them.


One good way to eat the eggplant is to slice it into smaller pieces and add it to the salads. You can also have the eggplant salad with some fresh lemon slices and sliced tomatoes. If you want a very healthy version of the eggplant, you can add some vegetables in the eggplant. For example, you can mix some cucumber slices with the eggplant and then put some mint leaves on top of the mixture. It would be very good if you can cut up the eggplant and cook it in a little bit of oil. So that you can fry it in some of your vegetable oil. That way it would not take so long to cook.

The Final One: Eggplant With Pasta

For people who like to eat the eggplant with pasta, you have to steam it. You have to put some rice and garlic in it before steaming it. Or you can just have the eggplant fried rice. For those people who want to have something different for lunch, you can cook the eggplant and then add some yogurt to the eggplant. Or you can have the eggplant salad with the yogurt. This is very delicious and you can do it as a main course for lunch. As far as the side dishes are concerned, you can have the tomato paste, red pepper relish and some cumin on top. You can also make a salad out of the eggplant and peppers. If you make it the right way, you will have something that is delicious. So make sure you try this. Now you have something different for lunch.

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