Enjoying Lebanese Cuisine

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Lebanese Food is one of the most popular types of cuisine in Lebanon. The great thing about this type of food is that it is adaptable to any lifestyle. It’s the Mediterranean, very light and easy to eat. All you need to have is an appetite to indulge in this type of food.

Lebanese Cuisine
Enjoying Lebanese Cuisine

Mediterranean style of cooking

Mediterranean style of cooking is based on foods that are hot foods and most often served with a lot of butter and spices. In Lebanon, Lebanese Food is very popular especially amongst the Sunni Muslim population, who prefer Lebanese foods over many other types of cuisines.

Though the religious faith of the country makes it impossible for the majority of the population to follow in accordance with Islamic rules, many people follow the Islamic laws and cultural beliefs and consider Lebanese Food to be very different from other types of cuisines in the Middle East. Many traditional Lebanese dishes do have the use of fats and sauces which are not uncommon.

Famous Lebanese Desserts

Famous Lebanese Desserts are Souks. There are many types of souks and this type of dessert is best when prepared on top of the Lebanese Bun which is a flat, wafer-like bread baked in the oven.

Lebanese Cuisine
Enjoying Lebanese Cuisine

Various Kinds Of Souks

There are various kinds of souks and you can find souks based on herbs, fish, chicken, or vegetables. They’re all very delicious and the best ones will be based on herbs or fresh vegetables, which the Lebanese enjoy.

While in Lebanon, there are two souks most well known to the Lebanese population: Shabbat souk and Friday souk. Shabbat souk is for Shabbat or Jewish holidays. It features soups such as roasted lamb and chicken soups and many other delicacies.

The other type of souk is for Fridays, the date when Christians celebrate their Sabbath. It usually features savory dishes as well as sweets such as the dates. Dates are available for purchase in supermarkets in Lebanon, so it’s possible to get them for free if you don’t want to eat them on the date of the feast.


Shabab (toasted pita bread) is a popular Lebanese Bread. It’s always a very nice treat when you’re in Lebanon.

Lebanese Cuisine
Enjoying Lebanese Cuisine

Besides Souks, there are several other popular Lebanese dishes that you may be familiar with. Most Lebanese families also have dishes that are based on homemade items. For example, the most popular type of flour used in the country is the same type of flour you’d find in your home.

Caravans and the Syrian Travellers are the main suppliers of Lebanese food so if you visit these countries and want to try some local foods, there are plenty of places where you can buy products from them. You can also order food online at online food stores.


Another popular ingredient that is also a staple in most Lebanese homes is eggplant. This vegetable is cooked in olive oil and then mixed with different spices and herbs.


Rice is another important form of food and is served in many dishes. These are some of the most common Lebanese foods that you may find in your kitchen.

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