Excellent Saudi Arabia Food That You Should Try

saudi arabian food

Saudi Arabia is one of the wealthiest countries globally, and besides that, they are at the top when it comes to their cultural heritage. They have a lot of delicious dishes to offer, and some of them are stated below. You can try making these at home and let us know how they taste for you. Saudi Arabia food has some unique taste to it that you will not find in any other cuisine. 

In this article, you’ll get to about 10 Saudi Arabian dishes. Let’s start

1. Martabakq

Arabia Food

Martabak is a popular street food item, and it is stuffed and fried. It looks like roti and is served very popularly. It is served in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Indonesia, etc. It has many fillings, including meat, eggs, ghee, curry, onions, pepper, etc.

Coriander and herbs, which are fresh, are used for additional flavoring, which everyone loves. Martabak is also named Mutabbaq. It has a flatbread dough which is always supposed to be thin, and it requires a lot of expertise. Mutabbaq is an Arabic word that means folded. It refers that the stretchy dough being folded around its fillings while cooking.

2. Ma’moul

Arabia Food

Ma’moul is a cookie-shaped dish filled with nuts and fruits, for example, walnuts, dates, etc. These cookies are specially prepared for festivals like Easter. These cookies are ball-shaped, and making these is a tradition. The filling by which it is filled changes its shape to the dome, and it has a round top. Pistachio Ma’moul is oval. Mahmoud is a cookie topped with powdered sugar, and it is scarce for cookies to be topped with sugar. They are also served with coffee or tea during the day.

3. Dajaj Mashwi

It is a Saudi Arabian Barbecue, and its specialty is that it is made with boneless chicken breasts, and then they are pounded thin, marinated, and grilled. Ingredients for marinating meat are onion, lime juice, black pepper, salt, oil, etc.

This type of chicken is accompanied by garlic dipping sauce and salad onside, soups.

4. Saleeg

It is a traditional rice dish in Saudi Arabia that consists of short-grain creamy rice and roasted meat. The most common meat choice is chicken, and it is most boiled in water, including spices, and then roasted. Tabasi is a long-serving platter, and it is traditionally used for serving sleep. And on top of rice, roasted meat is placed.

5. Tharid

This traditional dish is described as spicy lamb stew, and it is an Arabian dish. It is thickened and barely readable. And the words shared here also refer to the Earthenware bowl. The third was Prophet Muhammad’s favorite dish. The third is typically enjoyed in Islamic countries.

6. Hininy

This traditional dish of Saudi Arabia consists of butter, dates, brown bread, etc. This dish is additionally flavored with spices, including saffron or cardamom. This dish is usually prepared during winters in Najd.

7. Gurian

It is one of the national dishes of Saudi Arabia, and it is made by placing dry, paper-thin sheets of meat. Everyone throughout the country loves this dish.

8. Harees

A plate of Harees is a staple during the month of Ramadan. It is a satisfying meal, and it is the one that combines coarse wheat and meat.

9 Shawarma

It is a very delicious Middle Eastern meat treat. Chicken, beef, turkey, etc., are some food items from which Shawarmas are made.

10. Kabsa

It is a rice dish that is very much enjoyed in the Gulf States. This is a dish which can be made with chicken, lamb, fish or shrimp.

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