Wrap It Up – The Delightful Lebanese Falafel

Almost all the global cuisines have traveled the world over currently with almost everyone having a basic idea of origin, taste, and ingredients. One such food is falafel, a famous Middle Eastern food item. The falafel is slowly gaining popularity and we can find a falafel joint or a falafel takeaway in almost every nook and corner of bustling cities.

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Wrap It Up – The Delightful Lebanese Falafel

What Is Falafel?

Falafel is a deep-fried patty or ball made from a paste of ground chickpeas. Some people use fava beans while others use the paste of both types of beans in equal proportions. The beans or chickpeas are soaked overnight and then ground into a coarse paste the next day along with garlic, onions, and parsley. Later, finely chopped coriander leaves are added to enhance the taste. Some even use cumin to add more flavor. These deep-fried balls are called falafels. These days, the health-conscious market is experimenting with the baked versions of the delicacy and it does taste equally good.

Falafel Wrap

The falafels are mostly served inside pita bread that forms an outer pocket. In the Middle East, falafel is served wrapped inside a flatbread called taboon. Falafel wrap is the name given to a sandwich prepared with crispy falafel inside pita bread. The crispy falafel is often topped with dressings, pickled vegetables, salads, and tahini-based sauces. Tahini sauce is a Middle-Eastern delicacy prepared from roasted sesame seeds. It is commonly served with falafel.


This pocket sandwich is easy to carry as a takeaway. It is common street food in the Middle East and is now gaining more enthusiasts as a most sought-after street food in India. Wrapped inside pita bread, this is a complete and filling meal. Many restaurants have a spread of salads and sauces where one can choose from various toppings for their falafel wrap.

Health Quotient

Falafel has replaced meatballs in many places. Many people are turning vegans and many are avoiding meat due to health reasons. Falafel offers them a tasty and healthier option. It is a great alternative to meat. The deeply satisfying, almost-full meal has the wholesome goodness of salads, tahini sauce, and chickpeas. The health-conscious are clamoring for baked versions of falafel and many reputed restaurants are serving both variants of falafel. Baking reduces the fat content that is central to the frying process. The high protein content makes it a preferred option among health buffs. In addition, the ratio of complex carbohydrates and fiber is quite high.


Falafel croquettes form tasty appetizers or ‘meze’. This delicacy is relished as a part of iftar during the holy Ramadan. To join hands with the tradition, McDonald’s in Egypt served MacFalafel for its breakfast menu during Ramadan. It is the national dish of Israel and Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt.

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Wrap It Up – The Delightful Lebanese Falafel

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