Famous Arabic Food: 10 Great Middle Eastern Foods

Famous Arabic Food

When it comes to Middle Eastern foods, they are rich, fresh, aromatic, healthy, and wholesome. That’s why cuisines of the place skyrocketed globally with its deliciousness. Of course, everyone who loves the famous Arabic food has their own favorite dish.

Every bite of these foods presents you with soul-soothing and wholesome effect. From lentil stew to fattoush, every famous Arabic food has its unique punch to it.

The rustic and simple dishes of Arabic cuisine has such an authentic feel that your experience will be awesome. So, let’s look into the delicious realm of Arabic food:

Famous Arabic Food for you
Famous Arabic Food: 10 Great Middle Eastern Foods

Famous Arabic Food: Hummus

The chickpea spread or the hummus is great for the burger to a baked potato. It tastes amazing on your traditional hot pita bread too. Veterans prefer more garlic in the making of hummus for bringing out the taste.

Famous Arabic Food: Grilled Halloumi

Grilled Halloumi is mini-slabs of chewy goodness. The grilled delicacy is made using the sheep and goat milk. And what makes this cheese unique is there are no added bacteria and acid in its processing. So, it is unlike your typical grilled cheese for sure. 

Foul Meddamas

Though the name has foul in it, Foul Meddames is one of the tastiest dishes among famous Arabic food. It is made of fava beans, onion, parsley, lemon, garlic, and olive oil. The presentation can be very dull with blobby brown mush, but its taste and texture get the full marks for sure. After having it in a restaurant, your heart will feel fulfilling.

Famous Arabic Food: Falafel

“Fried chickpeas with herbs” is a great snack, and it is known as falafel. Sometimes, falafel is also used as the tasty pita filler. However, for the Middle Easterners, falafel’s origin is a matter of patriotic interest. Even fierce debates have sparked due to the provenance controversy. But, we are happy to indulge some simple yet fulfilling bite of falafel.


You may not be a vegetarian, but for enjoying the delicious tabouleh, you don’t have to be. Tabouleh has the magical combination of parsley, onion, tomatoes, bulgur, and mint. But a generous warning to the only non-vegetarians; you may want to switch your teams after you have a palate full of this popular salad.

Famous Arabic Food: Baba Ghanoush/ Moutabal

Do you know when you are ready for declaring hummus as the best dip? You will find out about moutabal. Like the baba ghanoush, moutabal has a similar consistency but with the kick of an eggplant. It is spiced up with the chili that delivers a zing to your taste bud.


Do you know what is Middle East’s one of the greatest contributions to this world-food culture? It’s the tangy salad- fattoush. Why won’t it be great? The crunchy fried square of pita, crispy lettuce, diced tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers and onion, lemon, mint, and olive oil can surely become a refreshing addition.

Famous Arabic Food: Shish Tawook

Shish Tawook is a simple skewered chicken dish that is served with pure garlic paste. And if you step into Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq or the Gulf region, you will be awed to see its popularity.

Marinades and condiments are what make the shish tawook so mouthwatering. This dish is mainly served with pita bread and fries in authentic restaurants.

Delicious Famous Arabic Food
Famous Arabic Food: 10 Great Middle Eastern Foods


Shanklish is the cow or sheep milk cheese. This cheese is rolled into golf ball-sized bites. Then they are sprinkled with the zaatar herbs or the chili flakes. The chili flakes version is favorite in Syria. And often, people enjoy the shaklish with diced onion, tomato, and olive oil. If you love cheesy delights, you won’t want to miss it!

Famous Arabic Food: Shawarma

Of course, Shawarma didn’t come into existence for curing a hangover. It’s just a myth. However, tender pieces of skewered chicken, salad, and garlic puree, wrapped in pita bread, definitely made its way to the global palate.

In many countries, shawarma has become a post-session snack for its delectable taste. Even after completing one shawarma, your heart will desire for another wrapped wonder.

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