Famous Desserts – Desserts In Lebanon

Anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting Lebanon or who lives there would definitely have heard of Famous Desserts. The food offered at this restaurant is always to be sought after and is one of the best in the world. It offers a wide range of food items including great coffee, delicacies, and any dessert that can be imagined.

Famous Desserts - Desserts In Lebanon
Famous Desserts – Desserts In Lebanon

It was established in 1992 in Lafayette, which is one of the biggest cities in Lebanon. Famous Dessert is located in the most beautiful area of Lafayette. It has a large and spacious restaurant that serves delicious food that is served by its talented chefs.

The Lebanese Dishes

Famous Desserts have a large collection of items including certain favorite dishes. One can find many Lebanese dishes that are different from other restaurants in the city. You will be surprised to see how many different foods you can try out at Famous Dessert.

Many of the dishes offered at Famous Desserts are very famous in Lebanon. One cannot leave Beirut without trying the delicious soups, meats, and salads that are offered. You can also try out delicious desserts such as Lemonade, chocolate, and specialty ones such as blackberry truffles.

Lebanese Desserts also serve various types of delicious coffee drinks and pastry items. Oil is the main source of income for the people of Lebanon. This country is very different from the rest of the Middle East countries that make use of traditional methods and spices to prepare their dishes.

The Lebanese cuisine is very diverse and famous Lebanese Dessert offer delicious and scrumptious appetizers. You can also try out a wide variety of Lebanese dessert items such as cookies, Makhratis, and ice creams.

Where Famous Desserts Is Located In

The Famous Dessert is located in the heart of Lafayette, which is also the capital of Lebanon. It is home to many beautiful and large houses that are very well maintained and quite beautiful. These places also offer the best of service with the help of very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

It is easy to find a good place to eat since there are many bakeries that offer some interesting dessert options. A famous bakery such as ‘Der Sarkissian’ offers a large variety of exotic dessert that is different from the other bakeries in the area.

Desserts are being offered in various items such as walnut and almond and peanut dessert. French Hazelnut cakes are one of the most popular dessert that is offered at Famous Desserts. The cakes are served in a number of flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and hazelnut.

Some of the desserts are topped with a nice combination of nuts and cream. The cakes are served in a unique way that they are not too sweet. You can choose from a variety of flavors that are offered in different sizes.

You can order these cakes in the afternoon and have them delivered during the night. The famous Lebanese Desserts include the delicious fruit-filled baklava and dates. You can also try out the colorful and fragrant thin cakes.

These cakes are made up of mixed nuts and vanilla-based items. When you order a cake, you will find that you can also get them in a number of different flavors. The signature dessert at Famous Dessert includes Lebanese Bananas and Sherbet, which are dipped in chocolate.


These desserts are said to have originated from Lebanese Bananas. Other popular ones include Mediterranean Cakes, Turkish Milk, and my favorite, the Turkish Creamery. These desserts are available in various places in Lebanon.

Famous Desserts - Desserts In Lebanon
Famous Desserts – Desserts In Lebanon

You can also order online from this renowned bakery since the price is quite reasonable. It would be a great idea to check out Famous Desserts in order to try some new dishes and desserts that are offered at this place.

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