Five Arabic Main Dishes That Every Foodie Must Try

arabic main dishes

If you are a true foodie, then exploring new dishes must be your ultimate hobby. If you love rich foods of a different culture, then you must try out Arabic main dishes. These dishes are very appetizing and each bit bursts with a blending of rich spices and taste. In the range of gourmet food, Arabic main dishes truly deserve a significant mention. If you love to travel and love trying new cuisines, then you can not miss the traditional Arabic foods. The main dishes include a variety of options. All of them are extremely tasty and makes you want more. Here the top five main Arabic dishes that every food lover must try-


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Manakeesh is the Arabic pizza of sorts. It is made of genuine Arabic Lebanese level bread, finished off with a stunning determination of marinated meat, vegetables, and a huge number of Arabic flavours and spices. It is hard to think about a luxurious breakfast table in the centre east without a manakeesh in its middle. Here is the wretched on the most proficient method to make this one of delightful Arabic Main Dishes.


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Kabsa is an overflowing looking group of dishes produced using basmati rice, meat, vegetables, and a remarkable mix of flavours. Kabsa started from Yemen and is filled in as a conventional dish in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Jordan and Kuwait. Kabsa can be made in various manners, the formula contrasts in pretty much every family unit! Yet, as long as it looks terrific, you got your Kabsa right. Try these Arabic Main Dishes right away!


One of the best Arabic main dishes, this rich baked good made with layers of filo and slashed nuts, held together by nectar and syrup will undoubtedly fulfil your sweet tooth! This delightful dish doused in light syrup is a blessing from the old Ottoman Empire to the world. Indeed, even in the Middle East it is viewed as an ‘introduction’ dish and held for extraordinary events due to its costly fixings. (In any case, don’t stress, don’t hesitate to make it at home and dazzle at evening gatherings!)


Falafels from Operation Falafel are crunchy balls or wastes of chickpea or different heartbeats, pan-fried until brilliant earthy coloured. They are normally sandwiched in pita bread with tahini sauce and hummus in pita bread (scrumptious!) You don’t have the foggiest idea about the genuine feel of a falafel until you have one for yourself. This is again one of the most delicious Arabic main dishes.


Shanklish is a kind of sheep’s milk or cow’s milk cheddar in Arab food, which is made into little balls. The balls are then canvassed in za’atar, a run of the mill Arabic spice, and Aleppo pepper. The balls are then put away and dried for an extensive stretch before they can be eaten. It has a solid flavour and smell. You also should try these Arabic main dishes.

Wrapping Up

Bedouin nations offer delicious conventional food to sightseers around the globe. Regardless of whether it is Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Dubai or Ajman, you will find the opportunity to appreciate the best, delectable and customary Arab food all over the place. However, in the event that you actually need to make centre eastern stands amazed at home, these five are the most conventional Arabic main dishes which you should try once in your life!

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