Flavors Of Arabia: Deliciously Exotic Dishes To Try

The Most Delicious Arabic Dishes You Need To Try

Arabic dishes are uniquely delicious. If you have never tried Arabic dishes, then you have to try because most of them are must-try and very healthy. If you want to try new food from different cultures, then you should pick Arabic food as your first choice.

Exotic Flavors Served

It is rather difficult to pick some of the dishes to make a list of delicious Arabic food. The reason is that most Arabic dishes are delicious. Moreover, they are highly nutritious and you can add them to your balanced diet since they are balanced foods as well.

Arabic Flavors You Shouldn’t Miss

Let’s look into some of the nutritious and healthy dishes from Arabia.


This is a national dish for Arabians and it comes with the delicious and crazy exterior. It is decorated with sautéed pine and you are served with minced meat that is highly spicy. This dish will definitely wake up your tongue. You can easily prepare this at home by following recipes available online.


This is made from a little lamb, chicken meatball, beef, parsley, onion, breadcrumbs, and some spices. Everything is blended well and barbecued, usually on skewers. Sometimes this combination is also served with gravy. If you are in search of an Arabic lamb recipe, then you should try this.


This is the right choice if you are looking for an Arabic recipe with orange blossom syrup and sugary cheese pastry. In Kanafeh you can see the friendship of butter, sugar, and cheese. And of course, you can easily try and make this dish at home.


The Most Delicious Arabic Dishes You Need To Try
Flavors Of Arabia: Deliciously Exotic Dishes To Try

Hummus is a wonderful and healthy dip. As well, this is the best choice that can be used for all kinds of boiled vegetables. Moreover, this is the best combination of tahini, garlic, and chickpeas. That’s why this is the right choice for dinner.

Rice Pilaf

In the Middle East, rice is one of the main staples. They even add fried vermicelli noodles to rice. Rice pilaf also goes well with other meat dishes.


In this dish, you can expect a good salad. This contains veggies and bread, and crisp lettuce. Actually, this is one of the best choices if you are in search of a healthy and tasty recipe. Even though the added items are fried, they are all healthy. This is why it is the best recipe that you should be trying among all the other Arabic recipes. Even better, it is very easy to prepare.


This is a recipe where you will be enjoying bread with sesame seeds, thyme, olive oil, and sumac. This is nothing but a pizza that is very popular for breakfast. At the same time, this dish can be an anytime choice for any day. Indeed, it can serve as one of the best snacks for any evening. This is easy to prepare and people of all ages will like this recipe.


The Most Delicious Arabic Dishes You Need To Try
Flavors Of Arabia: Deliciously Exotic Dishes To Try

In this dish, you will see a combination of tomatoes, mint, and parsley along with many more ingredients. This Arabic side dish is one of the best dishes you will ever taste. Aside from the traditional version of this dish, there are many regional versions available.

Bottom Line

These are some of the Arabic recipes that are considered as must-try experiences for those who haven’t been there or done that.

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