Get The Aromatic Flavors By Tasting These Levantine Arabic Recipes

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Middle East cuisine is famous for its hummus all around the world. Despite the popularity of hummus, several other Levantine Arabic dishes are quite popular all around the globe. These dishes are filled with an aroma and tangy taste. If you haven’t tasted any of them then here are some of the famous and must-taste dishes that you can consider having this weekend.

Hummus: The Main Dish Of Levantine Arabic Cuisine

Arabic Recipes

Let’s start with the most famous Middle Eastern dish. Hummus is immensely popular and the must-have item of their cuisine. You can call it a perfect appetizer that can be served with pita bread. It goes very well with the spread of sandwiches. You can enhance its taste by adding a little more garlic. It is also made up of tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil. It is full of simple and aromatic flavors that you will not wish to miss out.

Pita Bread: A Staple Item Of Each Meal

Arabic Recipes

Pita bread is considerably an underrated item of Levantine Arabic cuisine but it has its presence with almost every diet. These are very simple to make and can be served with each meal. It is a versatile food item on the list as you can have several experimenting options with the pita bread. These can be stuffed, toasted, or even dipped to pass the desired taste.

Tahini Salad: Epitome Of Palestinian Cuisine 

You can have this as a complete meal or can also have it with any other popular dish. It has a freshness and lightness in itself that makes it the perfect epitome of Palestinian cuisine. It goes well with both savory and sweet dishes. It is nothing more than a sesame paste that remarkably boosts the taste of each Middle Eastern dish.

Have Turkish Coffee In The List Of Levantine Arabic Dishes

Middle easterners love to have coffee that is strong. If you are also fond of having strong beverages then Turkish coffee can be a must-have option for you. This coffee has a rich and bold taste that can lighten and brighten your mood and make it refresh. Turkish coffee is prepared very carefully with all the essential ingredients that are responsible for its taste and boldness. After preparing it is also given a proper time so that coffee grains can sit at the bottom and people get to enjoy a strong and smooth beverage.


If you are visiting the Middle Eastern area then you simply cannot miss the chance to taste the aromatic flavor. The article talks about some popular and must-have cuisines of that region so don’t forget to have these. You can also go to your nearby Middle Eastern restaurant to get these amazing flavors as these are perfect options for family dinner this weekend.

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