Good Arabic Food For Your Dinner Guests

good arabic dishes

Good Arabic food is something that everyone enjoys. I know many people who complain about the bland, tasteless dishes in Arab countries. But this is not true, as there are many great dishes that you can enjoy while in the Middle East. This article will provide a short guide to some of the best Arabic foods that you can eat. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be excited to go out and explore some of the great food that is available to you in this wonderful part of the world.

Hummus – Arabic Food

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First, let me introduce you to the most famous dish in the Arab world: hummus. In my opinion, there is nothing more delicious in the world than an authentic dish made with authentic ingredients. Usually called “fareel”, this type of food is very popular all over the Middle East. It is very easy to make and it is often served with a dessert of rice. If you do not like to have dessert with your meal, you might want to try making some “dessert hummus” for your next dinner party.

Another very popular dessert in the Arab world is what is known as “maghara”. This dish is made with dates, sesame seeds and pistachios. In addition to being delicious, it is also very filling, so you won’t be hungry quickly. This dish usually goes with an ice cream or milk-based dessert.


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One of the best-known dishes in the Arab world is chicken. You will not find this type of food anywhere else in the world, so when you are preparing this dish, you must make sure that you use the freshest possible chicken parts. Sometimes, the pieces of chicken may look slightly rotten or even torn, but when you cook them, they will come out nice and fresh. You can prepare this dish with beef, lamb or even spare ribs.

People in the Middle East have a love for food that has a strong, yet subtle, flavor. This is why rice is a popular staple in their diets. Many times in the course of the day, a family will eat food that is served on the table. The food that is prepared with rice is always best, because it has a rich flavor and a pleasant texture that you won’t get from any other type of food.

Number Of Delicious Dishes

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, there are plenty of dishes that you can prepare that are a bit different than chicken or beef. One idea is to try a dish called “kerbere”. This dish is made with chickpeas and yogurt, as well as garlic and onions. It is then cooked in hot oil over a high heat, which gives it a smoky flavor. If you haven’t had this dish before, you should give it a chance. You will find that it has a delicious flavor, and it doesn’t have much of a strong smell of meat.

Another excellent dish that you might want to try is called “tahini”. This dish consists of black beans mixed with rice and sauce that are flavored with fenugreek leaves. Another good meal idea for you is hummus, which is a mixture of vegetables and chickpeas that is made into a paste and then eaten with pita bread.


In closing, when you are looking for good Arabic food, you need to make sure that you include foods such as rice, dates, nuts, and garlic. These dishes have their own flavors, but when combined together, they become delicious meals. Also remember to have some dessert available, such as fruit that has been soaked in milk or mints that have been dipped in honey. When you serve your guests with this food, they will surely be impressed and will be eager to return to your home for another serving.

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