Things To Consider Before Buying A Hamburger Press

A hamburger press is a very convenient tool to make patties at home. We often like to make hamburgers at home to feed our families, but the task of shaping and preparing the patties perfectly is quite daunting. Now with this cool patty maker, you can easily make delicious and perfect-looking hamburgers at home. With this tool, you can make consistent patties of equal shape and size. But if you are confused as to which hamburger press to buy, then do read on further.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Hamburger Press
Things To Consider Before Buying A Hamburger Press

Things To Consider Before Buying A Hamburger Press

Number Of Patties

This is important to consider before buying a hamburger press. If you have a small family and want to make only one or two burger patty, then this tool is enough. If you want to feed a family of five or more, then a hamburger press can be a very time-consuming process. In that case, you should look for a hamburger press that can make multiple patties at a time.


This burger press makes only a specific size. If you are looking for different sizes, then this will not be useful. You need to consider the diameter and thickness of the patty. The standard hamburger presses make burgers with four-inch diameters with a thickness of one inch. You also need to consider the weight. An average standard patty weighs around 0.2 pounds.

Sticky or Non-Stick

Some devices are non-stick and prove to be very convenient. If your hamburger press is sticky, your patty may always stick onto the base. You can also go for one that is non-stick. These can be a little costly. If you have a sticky one, consider greasing the base before adding the grounded meat. You can also use wax paper at the base.


Either plastic or metal presses are available. The metal ones may be made from aluminum or steel. A plastic one is light-in-weight and easy to clean, while a metal one could be heavy. But metal ones are more durable than plastic ones and do not retain odors. The aluminum one is durable but generally, comes with a sticky base. The stainless steel ones are more modern and come with a non-sticky base. Metal hamburger presses also should be completely dried before storing them as they may get rusted.


If you are on a tight budget, you could go in for a plastic one. But if you want a cheap hamburger press in metal, you should wait for sales and discounts to come up as the metal ones can be costly. You can also go in for the aluminum ones as they are cheaper than the stainless steel ones and also more durable.

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Hamburger Press Patty Maker

This hamburger press comes with guaranteed high quality. It is eco-friendly and safe. It creates perfectly round patties and is durable for easy wash and clean. This tool comes with a non-stick coating that ensures quick patty release. Making burgers at home now is easier and faster. This one is made from PVC material.

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