Finger And Hand Guards: The Summary Listing

Handguards are tools that protect your hands while doing various chores that may hurt your hands. There are wrist guards, hand guards, finger guards and many such other tools made specifically to enable you to perform your tasks without any hindrances or fear of hurting your hands. Here is a list of some cool handguards and their use.

List Of Handguards


A simple funnel-shaped protective cover for your hands that sticks easily to cooking utensils. This device keeps your hands safe while deep-frying.

Jamie Oliver Finger Guard

A very useful device while cutting and chopping of fruits, vegetables or other food items, this finger guard protects your finger while using sharp kitchen knives. It comes with a unique hinged design that gives comfort. It measures 18 mm deep, 60 mm wide and 65 mm in height.

Finger Guard – 1

Another practical finger guard, this one protects your fingers while you are slicing or dicing.

Cutting Edge Finger Guard

This is a large finger guard that comes with a flexible comfortable holder loop with a ridged base. The base enables you to grip food and also give better control.

Finger Guard – 2

This finger guard is a simple and flexible tool that grips food or vegetables with its flexible finger’s pockets. It also protects your fingers while slicing or dicing with a sharp knife.

Finger Guard Protector

This finger guard protector enables you to chop without any worry as it keeps your fingers safe while cutting vegetables. You can also adjust it to your fingers.

Kitchen Finger Protector

This tool is made from hard and clear plastic. It easily slips over your fingers and protects them from sharp knives and cuts.

Finger Guard and Potholder

This device is a waterproof and heat-resistant tool that enables you to place your fingers inside it and hold any piping hot food.

Finger Guard – 3

You also get a stainless-steel shield protector that is capable of protecting your fingers while you slice or dice.

When To Buy Hand Guards

If you are a chef or an amateur cook, or if your job involves around slicing, dicing or cutting a lot of vegetables or food items daily, then the above-mentioned finger and handguards can be very useful. While using sharp knives in the kitchen, getting deep cuts can happen. Even the most experienced chefs can to cut their hands or fingers while slicing. Once you get a deep cut, your other kitchen activities may stop. The pain may stop you from performing routine tasks too. These tools can help you carry on with your tasks without hindrance.

Shop These Cool Kitchen Tools For Maximum Convenience

Stainless Steel Finger Guard

Stainless Steel Finger Guard

This one is a high-quality and anti-rust guaranteed stainless-steel finger guard. It protects your finger while slicing and dicing. This guard comes with an adjustable welded ring so that it can fit in any finger. The tip of the shield is specifically made to hold sliced food. It measures 4.6 x 6.7 cm.

Multi-Function Kitchen Stainless Steel Scissor

Finger And Hand Guards: The Summary Listing

Not only should you invest in a finger guard or a handguard, you should also consider this cool kitchen stainless-steel scissors. It can be the perfect gift for your friends and family. This pair of scissors is made from food-grade stainless-steel. It has high-quality and hygiene guarantee. You can also use it as a normal scissor and a knife by separating the blades. It can be used as a bottle opener too. It is easy to clean and store.

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