How To Enjoy Authentic Moroccan Cuisine Recipes

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The major difference is that one of them started cooking centuries ago while the other one is just starting out. Both types share the same principles and ingredients but have their own specialities. This article will focus on some of the Moroccan cuisine recipes that you can try at home.


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One of the most popular Moroccan cuisine recipes is called watkaji. It is made by marinating meat, preferably chicken, in turmeric, black pepper, cumin, garlic, and yogurt. You can add sugar and salt to taste. Many people use fish for watkaji.

Jambi means kidney and it is cooked by simmering chicken with onions, garlic, potatoes and a lot of spices. The result is a tender, sweet and succulent dish. There are several different ways to make jambi. You can make it with beef or lamb and it can also be a vegetarian dish. Make sure you add the right seasonings so that the meat cooks thoroughly.


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Marrakeshi is another very famous Moroccan cuisine recipe. This dish uses red or green peppers, dates and saffron to make it salsas and curries. There are hundreds of different ways to make this traditional Moroccan food. You can buy masques and other items at the store but if you want to try something new, you can improvise a little bit. For example, you can marinate meat and then dry it with masques.

Some other popular Moroccan cuisine recipes include dish called tagliatelle and fenugreek. Tagliatelle is a pasta made from rice and wheat while fenugreek is a vegetable that goes well with meat and lentils. This dish makes use of both pasta and vegetable and is served along with halved cucumbers. In many restaurants, you will only find tagliatelle when you order appetizers. The other type of pasta is far too oily and is not the taste of many people.


There are hundreds of different types of desserts that are made in Morocco. One of these deserts is called Maagal. This dessert consists of ground almonds and sugar. The dessert may also come in the form of cheese. Maagal can be found all over Morocco.

Moroccan food has a great variety of dishes but some of their most popular dishes are the Moroccan Berbere and Maagal. The Berbere is a dish of eggplant that is cooked in a special way using different methods. It is usually served with rice. The Maagal is a dish of meat that is marinated in tahini, a paste made of sesame seeds, olive oil, and butter. It is then wrapped in sesame leaves and eaten with fresh mint and lemon.

Last Words

The spices that are used in Moroccan cooking are varied. This makes it very difficult to categorize dishes. There are many dishes that are considered staples while others are considered new fads. You will need to keep your eye open and watch for new trends as they emerge in the hopes that you can make the switch from your traditional Moroccan dishes to something more exotic. When you cook with authentic Moroccan cuisine recipes, you will never feel like you are lacking in taste.

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