Hummus Cookies – Varieties In This Healthy Dip

Hummus cookies, the famous Middle Eastern dip is so well-loved because of its easy preparation, extremely versatile taste and adaptability to almost any diet. It is a healthy alternative to your traditional meatloaf, which is a favourite dish in many households. There are also several preparations that make the dip even more nutritious.

What Kind Hummus Is Usually Made With?

Hummus Cookies - Varieties In This Healthy Dip
Hummus Cookies – Varieties in This Healthy Dip

Using conventional recipes, the hummus is usually made with plain ingredients such as chickpeas, olive oil, salt and lemon juice. Another type of hummus preparation is possible with the use of added spices and other ingredients. Both options yield to the original hummus recipe, but for different purposes.

The latter is a way to add a lot of nutritional value to your hummus without sacrificing the taste. It is mostly used by vegetarians since it contains vegetable protein and fibre as well as protein from nuts and seeds. The hummus, which is cooked, has a lot of nutritional value, like the protein, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Added to salads and cereals or yoghurt as a dip, the hummus can be a perfect accompaniment to almost anything.

In addition to the original hummus recipe, some individuals add hummus to their diet with the use of sunflower oil. They use it for sandwiches, salads, dips and sauces while preparing the sandwich or salad in the standard way. The hummus is then spread on top of the oil for decoration.

Ways To Prepare The Conventional Hummus

One of the most preferred ways to prepare the conventional hummus preparation is to cook it while keeping the mixture refrigerated until it is required. A simple way to make it with the use of fewer oils is to prepare the basic recipe. For each batch, replace half of the oil with sunflower oil. Add the ingredients, save and refrigerate.

Some other people choose to use ordinary hummus in salads or for bread, whereas others add it to soups or stews. Those who have little time to prepare a conventional hummus recipe do not have to worry since there are some alternatives for them. You can bake the hummus for making hummus cookies.

In this method, the hummus is mixed together with chocolate chips, baking powder and water and baked until golden brown. Then the mixture is made into little balls and frozen. You can then cut the balls in any shape and use them to make hummus cookies.

There are some substantial variations in the taste of the hummus when it is made into cookies. Some of them are:

Sprinkles – Dried nuts and sugar are also sometimes added to the mixture for garnishing and texture. These are traditional hummus cookies. They contain peanut butter, dried cranberries, almonds and cinnamon. You may also make the cookies with sour cream and pistachios.

Chocolate syrup

Chocolate – These cookies are also great when it is made with ice cream and chocolate syrup. Other ingredients can also be added, including cinnamon, walnuts, nuts and hazelnuts. The hummus will still taste the same but the addition of these flavours will add extra taste.

Parsley – The hummus will still taste the same with or without parsley. But you can add it to the mix with the use of freshly grated parsley. There are also some people who use bread crumbs for garnishing, whereas some people prefer to sprinkle the hummus with honey or mint before it is prepared.

Hummus Cookies - Varieties In This Healthy Dip
Hummus Cookies – Varieties In This Healthy Dip

To avoid the occurrence of ironing, do not add the hummus to the mixture when the cookies are still hot. Wait until the cookies are cool enough. These tips may help you choose the best hummus cookies.

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