Ice Tea Alcoholic Drinks To Choose From The List

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Iced tea is already a very delicious beverage. So why not make it a little more interesting by making it into a cocktail? There are several different drinks in which you can make a very innovative and delicious cocktail and enjoy your ice tea alcoholic drinks on the hot summer days. Long Island iced tea is the most favorite cocktail of all time! Let’s see how to make it by yourself. 

Ice Tea Alcoholic Drinks – Spiked Arnold Palmer 

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Sounds fancy right? Well as fancy as it sounds, it’s also very easy to make. This refreshing little martini will only need three ingredients. Lemonade, iced tea, and of course, to make it a little more interesting, your favorite vodka. 

All you will have to do first is, make or get your choice of lemonade. Add ice and vodka to it and give it a good shake. Add as much or as little vodka as you prefer. Pour it into a nice tall glass and fill it with equal parts of iced tea. Stir well. There, with three simple steps, you have your refreshing and delicious spiked Arnold palmer ready. 

This is a perfect drink for hot days. It is very refreshing as it has lemonade and iced tea and is also a fun drink to have with your friends or family. 

Ice Tea Alcoholic Drinks – Bourbon Tea 

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There will always be times you will want to have a nice cocktail but won’t feel like putting a lot of effort into making one. And going to a bar every time will burn a hole in your pocket. After reading the name, you might have guessed by now that you will need a bourbon whiskey to make this drink. Another ingredient that you will require is limoncello. Now take your favorite glass and add your favorite bourbon whiskey. Add as much as you prefer. It’s your whiskey anyway, nobody is charging you for a bigger peg. The next step is to add limoncello. Now, you add ice and top it off with iced tea. Stir it well and your sweet and refreshing drink is ready! 

Have a sip and you will feel like you could have a very good career as a bartender, we promise.

Ice Tea Alcoholic Drinks – Royal Tea Cocktail 

Teatime and happy hour together? We are all for it! All you will need to do to make this delicious cocktail is make a nice cup of earl grey tea. Keep this in the refrigerator until it’s chilled. When it’s ready, take your favorite glass and add ice to it. Now add your gin. And top it off with the chilled earl grey tea. You can add lemon juice and a little sugar if you wish to have a sweet cocktail. Stir well and voila! Your cocktail is ready. 


Be your bartender with these easy and quick cocktail recipes! This way you save money and get to enjoy just as delicious and refreshing cocktails in the comfort of your own house! Win-win! 

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