Learn About Culinary Concepts in Arabic Food

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The word “cuisine” in Arabic literally means “of the house”. Hence, cuisine in Arabic refers to the cooking of food in the home. This type of cuisine is most commonly seen in metropolitan areas such as Cairo, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Dubai. However, in other countries, cuisine is a unique combination of various regional cuisines with different ingredients and preparation methods. There are many types of cuisine in Arabic, but the most popular dishes include the following: meat and fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, lentils, rice, and nuts. In addition, there are also a number of deserts and snacks served during special occasions.

Know About Kesmel

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The word “kesmel” means “clam, especially when cooked”. This type of cuisine is mostly found in rural areas along the coast and in the towns of Irbid, Abu Dhabi, and Al-Gabel. This cuisine is served with either salty or sweet dishes. This type of cuisine is quite diverse, so you will find dishes that vary from being very mild and light to being very spicy and very rich.


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“Maqta” is an example of a light dish that is very popular in Arab cuisine. This dish consists of rice and meat that has been cooked in a salty sauce. Another dish that is commonly served is “Hamma” which is a dish made of meat, fish, and poultry that is usually served during lunchtime. “Al Mamzar” is an example of a heavy dish that is served during evening parties. It usually consists of rice, meat that are moist, and a dessert.


“Araba” is one of the most popular types of desert dishes in Arabic. It is made by mixing different kinds of tomato paste and water together and then heating it until the mixture becomes a deep orange color. Other popular desert meals include “al-akhra” which is a traditional dish of wheat that is cooked in a dry desert.


“Hubal” and “al sharqi” are two other examples of types of desert foods in Arabic cuisine. Both of these dishes are created by mixing different spices. “Hubal” is prepared by mixing dates, sugar, and butter in a sauce, and “al sharqi” is a soup with several varieties of meats in it. You can also find dishes that are created by using a variety of fruits, vegetables, and spices.

Although the types of dishes mentioned above may seem very simple, they do represent some of the most popular types of Arabic cuisine. There is no single law when it comes to creating this type of food, so you will find that you can get dishes that taste great and are nutritious at the same time. In fact, many Arabic vegetarians enjoy preparing their own meals. You will find that there are many different types of grains, beans, and nuts that are used in these meals. You can use a variety of them, which allows you to be able to have a high protein diet while enjoying your favorite types of deserts.

Bottom Lines

If you are looking for food to try out in your diet, then you should consider dishes that are from the Arabic region of the world. You will find that these dishes are rich and creamy, and that they are delicious as well. This cuisine offers you an easy diet plan, and you will enjoy the food that you prepare while you are on it. Make sure that you consider some of these great cuisines while you are planning your next dinner party.

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