Lebanese Arabic Desserts Popular Concepts You Should Try Consuming

lebanese arabic desserts popular

The Lebanese or the Arabs, in general, share their love for desserts. Here are some Lebanese Arabic desserts popular for you to try. There are some amazingly delicious Lebanese Arabic desserts popular that you should have your hands on while traveling to the Middle East. They are known for their high-quality sweets and some of them are quite popular across the world.

Lebanese Arabic Desserts Popular – Knefeh

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These Lebanese Arabic desserts popular also go by the name Kunafah. It is one of the most well-known Lebanese Arabic desserts popular. It is mainly an ashta based dish that can be served for breakfast. You can also serve it as a part of your desserts with Katr. It is also quite easy if you want to try making it. It is made mainly by putting the filling between two pastry spreads. As far as the pastry is concerned, it is made out of a special dough and then topped up with various nuts. Additionally, you can also fill this Lebanese Arabic dessert popular with cheese. You must eat it with Ka’ak which is a kind of sesame-based bread.

Lebanese Arabic Desserts Popular – Ma’amul

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These Lebanese Arabic desserts popular also come in the category of one of the best Lebanese Arab sweets. It is originally a biscuit-like snack that can be filled with dates. Besides you can also see some of these Lebanese Arabic desserts popular filled with nuts and sugar. If you come across these sweets with nuts, then you can identify them by the fine sugar which is spread on top. Also, the presence of dates in this type of Ma’amul is minimal. People enjoy these Lebanese Arabic desserts popular on special occasions like the holiday season or family gets together. Several families meet and bake these delicious homemade Ma’amul on days like Eid. This tradition is particularly popular in the countryside and near the villages.

Lebanese Arabic Desserts Popular – Qatayif

These Lebanese Arabic desserts popular is named so due to their distinctive and special dough or bread. They are made up of soft and doughy bread. These bread are stuffed with cheese or kashta and then topped with Katr and nuts. The best part about the dough is that it maintains its softness throughout the process. Besides, these Lebanese Arabic desserts popular has one variety where it is stuffed with Ashta. In this case, these sweets are then left had opened so that it is easier to identify them.


These Lebanese Arabic desserts popular are some mouthwatering delicacies which you should try. They are quite popular which means that you can find them across any dessert shop or restaurant in the country. You can also try to look for them in your nearby restaurant that serves these dishes to have a bite of these delicacies. The next time you are planning to consume Lebanese desserts then you have to try all of these we have mentioned and we are sure about you falling in love with the taste.

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