Middle Eastern Restaurant

A Plate of Traditional Syrian Borak with Meat

You can find Middle Eastern Restaurant in different parts of the world such as Dubai, Sydney, New York, India, etc. So, go and enjoy Middle Eastern recipes in these restaurants. Maybe you have one near your hometown.

Recently, in Los Angeles, Middle Eastern cuisine has expanded to award-winning restaurants. Falafels and Kabobs are becoming a popular Middle Eastern breakfast dish. Now, in the side menus of these restaurants, eggs baked in a spicy tomato or pepper sauce also appear. Spices such as za’atar, harissa, sumac, and dukkah are now listed in menus.

Top 5 Middle Eastern Restaurants

Traditional eastern dessert

Given below are top-ranked Middle Eastern restaurants in various cities.


Ewaan is one of the top Middle Eastern restaurant located in Dubai, Burj Khalifa Area, The Palace Downtown Dubai, and The Ground Level. This restaurant serves both Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. The place is well-known for its Arabic and Oriental style cuisine.

In their menus, there are usual hummus, tabouleh, fattoush as well as selected kofta and hot grills. There is a nice blend of wooden trellises, regal arches, flamboyant accessories, as well as luxurious drapery. Dishes are served from buffets to live cooking stations.

Dar Hamad

Dar Hamad is a fine Kuwaiti restaurant in the Arabian Gulf St, Kuwait City. This is an amazing restaurant place that leaves you relaxed with great breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes.

The décor is superb and has a unique style. With a touch of finesse, they offer local specialties also. The tables are nicely placed with fine gold metal cutlery, bread plates, blue glass cups, and many more fine placements.

They are leaders in presenting unbelievable and delicious Middle Eastern food dishes. The most beautiful part is its open kitchen.

St. George’s Garden Bistro

This Middle Eastern restaurant is located in Jerusalem, Israel. Also, the charm of the Cathedral Close to it will let you enjoy a beautiful atmosphere.

The restaurant is located next to St. George’s Cathedral. The service is very friendly and loving. They have a long list of Middle Eastern dishes on their menu. Also, the dining area is very attractive with pleasant public spaces and a beautiful guest house section.

Arabesque Restaurant

This Middle Eastern restaurant is situated in Porto Arabia Drive, Doha, Qatar. They serve delicious dishes including hummus, meatball dip with garlic naan, shisha, etc.

It includes Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Pakistani and Arabic cuisines. You will definitely love the dips, mezze, and bread here. This restaurant is a good blend of exotic taste with ambient atmosphere. The aim is to reach the heart of the customers through food.


This award-winning Emirati restaurant is located at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Every meal is a reflection of the Emirati culture. Also, Mezlai serves dishes with ingredients taken from mountains, seas, oases, and desert that evoke the region.

They only serve Middle Eastern cuisine. So, if you are also one of those wishing to taste Emirati cultural dishes, then this may be the perfect beginning for you.

Traditional oriental dessert – baklava with the pistachios and walnuts

Middle Eastern restaurants not only provide Middle Eastern cuisine but also other famous cuisines. Hence, these restaurants are a perfect combo of an exotic environment and delicious healthy dishes.

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