Most Popular Arabic Desserts – Find Out The Best Of Arabic Taste Here

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The love for desserts is eternal. Today, everyone makes sure to have a sweet course known as a dessert at the end of the meal. There are many kinds of appealing desserts, like chocolate fudge, brownie, ice cream, etc., but one type of dessert that is better than anything else is an Arabic dessert. Arab is primarily famous for the desserts that are introduced to the world. Some of the Most Popular Arabic Desserts are umm Ali, rice pudding, baklava, Lebanese Semolina Pudding, kunafa, a sweet cheese pastry, Halawat El Jibn many more. 

Arabic Desserts 

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One of the Most Popular Arabic Desserts is Basbousa. It is a small chunk that is covered in a pastry and semolina. It is served at weddings and can either have saffron or coconut flavor. It is filled with baklava. They have a texture and a taste that is somewhat identical to the vanilla cake. From the outside, they are spongy, and on the inside, they are crusty. Another Most Popular Arabic Dessert is Kunafa, which is also famous as Kanafeh. It is a noodle-like pastry and is yellow or orange colored. They are soaked in sweet syrup and are filled with either cream cheese or a slice of mozzarella cheese. It is also topped with nuts which adds a nutty flavor to it. 

Easy To Make Arabic Desserts

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One of the Most Popular Arabic Desserts among the households is Roz Bel Laban, commonly known as a rice pudding. People use it as a medical remedy and is served to a person having an upset stomach. To make this, one has to cook milk, sugar, rice, cream, and nuts together. It can be served either cold or hot. To make it more appealing, a garnishing of cinnamon, or saffron, honey, or cream won’t do any harm. Orange Saffron Syrup Cakes is another Arabic dessert that is easy to make. They have a pudding-like texture. Moist semolina and coconut are used to make these cakes. They are then baked. After that, an orange syrup is drizzled onto them as a finishing touch. Lugaimat is a must-try Arabic dessert that is a brown-colored dumpling, which is deep-fried. Then a date and sesame syrup are drizzled onto them. These are crispy and crunchy on the outside but soft inside. One can also pour Nutella, sugar, or honey syrup onto them. 

Commonly Used Ingredients In Arabic Desserts

Most Popular Arabic Desserts have some common ingredients that give them a better taste than any other desserts. Pistachio nuts are most commonly used as a filling or a garnishing. Some of the Most Popular Arabic Desserts like umm Ali, baklava, and kunafa are not complete without the pistachios.  Tahini is a paste of sesame seeds and is famous for its creamy and thick texture. Since it is full of minerals, vitamins, and proteins, it is used for making cakes because of its creamy texture. Some of the most commonly used ingredients in Arabic desserts are rose water, saffron, semolina, orange blossom water, dates, cardamom, and condensed milk.


Thus, if one is craving a dessert that is luscious and flavorful, then they must try out the Arabic desserts which can satisfy their urges for a tasty dessert.

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