No Bake Arabic Desserts- Make It Now

no bake arabic desserts

We all love Arabic desserts, and all of us drool on the same. But we still do not have the time or the energy level to make the desserts that have to be baked. Still, if you need to make the amazing no-bake Arabic desserts, then nothing should stop you. Do not know how to make them? Well, here are some of the best no-bake Arabic desserts and the recipes that will help you. Follow the step by step process, and you shall be good to go. Here are some of the mind-blowing ones!

Muhallabia-No-Bake Arabic Desserts

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Are you a fan of the milky desserts, then there can be nothing better than the muhallabia? This is a delicious milk pudding that you can try for sure, and you will need very few ingredients. Mostly you will need milk, cornflour, water, sugar, and pistachio. The instructions are very easy to make, and you will need a total time of one hour to make it.


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This is a welcome dessert that you have tried in almost every Arabic family. You do not need any kind of baking, and you will enjoy this spice pudding. It is quite easy to make, and you can be a pro at it only after a free trial. Do not expect it to be perfect right at the beginning, and do not be disappointed as well. You can add some sugary stuff, pine nuts, almonds as well as coconut flakes- and you can add a spicy ingredient. You can make this dessert within 45 minutes.

Riz Bi Haleeb

There is no one who can resist this dessert- so you have to make it at home. There are only three ingredients that you will need- like milk, sugar, and rice. You can add the garnishing of cinnamon and cherry on top. It will need only 40 minutes to prepare the entire dish, and you can do perfect justice to the dessert. This is also known as the rice pudding, and Lebanese people have always drooled over it; the name itself translates to ‘rice in milk,’ and you will need only a few ingredients.


This is a unique kind of dumpling dessert that you would love to make at home, and your kids will be delighted with the result. It can satisfy your cravings, and it is very sweet and smooth to satiate your nerves. Once you start having the dish, you will never have to stop. Some people say that this is something even more delicious than the Nutella.

Haleiwa El Jian

Do you think there can be nothing better than cheese rolls? Then this is the dish to bite through, and it is easy to make at home. This Arabian kind of cheese is one of a kind, and you can follow the step by step instructions. The total time taken is 30 minutes, and this is a very good snack for the party.


Now that you know about the no-bake Arabian desserts, it is time for you to start trying. So what are you waiting for when you can hit the kitchen right now?

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