Popular Arabic Desserts With Dates

arabic desserts with dates

When you think of Arabic desserts with dates, the picture that might form in your mind is of sweetened yogurt, or ice cream, dipped or layered in a variety of flavors. In fact, there are many other desserts that are made with dates. Many people have no idea just how many different kinds of desserts there actually are! One of the most popular types of deserts that are made with Arabic dates is the kebab. It is a flat dish made of beef, dates and butter, usually served during the holy fasting month of Ramadan. This dessert is very traditional and goes great with all kinds of foods, even just water.

List Of Arabic Desserts With Dates

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Another popular dessert that is made with dates is the Mashmash recipe which is a green fruit salad. Made by boiling water and dry fruits, the recipe is very easy to make. You simply have to prepare a fruit salad and add the dates after boiling the water. You will have a delicious, and yet healthy dessert!

The famous dessert called Makhaira is also one of the most popular desserts in the Arab world. This dessert is made from ground dates, pistachios and nuts. The dessert is very sweet, and a favorite dessert in many Middle Eastern countries. You can also try a dessert called Tagaytay. This dessert is made from sweetened milk and dates, and is a very rich, thick pudding.

Another popular dessert in the Arab world is the hummus. This dessert is made with chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, fresh coriander, mint leaves and pureed yoghurt. This delicious dessert goes great with salads or with a flat pita. Other common ingredients in the hummus are tomatoes and spices.

Dhara, which is a traditional dessert consisting of rice, almonds and dates; and kadhai, which is a thick, spread, cake made with dates that is considered a very traditional dessert in certain areas of the Arab world. These desserts also make a great snack, especially when paired with the popular dessert of pistachio. If you like a bit of spicy food, then you will enjoy a dessert such as shakka, which is a mixture of milk, honey and fresh mint.

Types Of Arabic Desserts

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Sweets are not the only type of dessert you will find in Arabic desserts. There are also a variety of savory products that are commonly found. These items include meat, fish, poultry, vegetable and salad dressings. You will also find a wide range of jams, jellies, purines and pickles. Desserts that are commonly made include mints, dates and honey.

Most Popular Dessert

The most popular dessert in the Arab world is of course the dessert that is popular throughout the Islamic world, and this is the kebab. In general, the name for any dessert that is made with dates is called a kebab. A kebab can be served as an appetizer, during the evening meal or on its own. One of the most popular types of kebabs in the world is made with dates. These tasty treats are popular in all cultures around the world and they are especially popular in the Arab world.

Final Thoughts

Other Arabic desserts with dates include some other exotic ingredients. In Egypt, for instance, a dessert called makhaira is made using dates. In addition, cookies and other baked foods are made using dates as well. In other countries of the Middle East, desserts are made using a combination of fruits and dates. In addition to the more traditional ingredients used in making these foods, sometimes new ingredients are added to create unique and delicious desserts. For example, in Jordan new kinds of date fruit are cultivated, which is then added to traditional ingredients to create new flavors of desserts.

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