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Arabic Breakfast Recipe

One unexpected discovery was that the popular Masoudi Masbou Saudi Arabian breakfast recipe is actually a Saudi Arabia all time favorite banana breakfast dish. It is among the most popular Arabic breakfast recipes around the world. Saudi Arabia, or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is an Islamic Arab country that has a large coastline on the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.

Among the most popular breakfast dishes in Saudi Arabia are the Masbou breakfast recipe and the Bakri. The Bakri recipe is a traditional Saudi Arabian dish that originated during the nineteenth century. In recent times, it has undergone numerous modifications. It is a combination of spices and condiments, which are cooked in a mixture of water, oil, sugar and milk.

Bakri Is One Of The Best Arabic Breakfast Recipes

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The Bakri recipe is usually prepared with condensed milk and ground almonds, although the ingredients may vary from one Bakri to another. The traditional Bakri recipe calls for ground almonds, ground cumin, chopped tomatoes, cinnamon, salt, black pepper, sugar, honey, and oil. Some families also use ground tomatoes, ground coriander, raisins, and other dried fruits in their Bakri recipe. You can use any mix of these ingredients that you prefer to have a better taste.

In order to prepare your Bakri recipe, the first thing you need to do is prepare a mixing bowl with hot water. The second step is to add the ingredients mentioned above and mix them until they are dissolved in the mixture.

After the mixture is mixed, add some salt to the mixture and then slowly heat up the mixture in a pot and stir in the warm water. This may take a few minutes to get the mixture boiling. Once the mixture is boiling, add in the sugar, honey, milk, and spices and mix well. Once the mixture is ready, add in the nuts and the other ingredients and let the mixture cook.

The Traditional Way To Make Arabic Breakfast Recipes

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When the mixture is done cooking, leave the mixture to cool down and then serve your Bakri as you would a normal breakfast. To make the Bakri more appetizing, you may marinate it and add the spices to it. or even cover it in a marinade made with lemon juice, onions and spices.

You can also buy Bakri on the Internet and make it at home. You can also buy Bakri from any local store that sells food products. You can also buy Bakri at wholesale food markets.

Traditionally, Bakri is very simple to prepare and are inexpensive, especially if you use some of the traditional ingredients such as cumin and tomatoes and canning them. If you want to make the recipe a little bit more appealing, you can also add in fresh fruits and nuts such as pistachios or almonds. It will be sure to delight your taste buds and satisfy your appetite, especially when you are having a big breakfast with a family.

Some Easy Arabian Food Recipes

Of course, you can make some great recipes yourself at home. You can make the basic recipe first and try it out before you make the Bakri.

Some of these recipes include a chicken curry, which are made with vegetables and rice; vegetable curry, which are made with rice and chicken; vegetable curry with potatoes; and rice cooked in tomato sauce. This will give your family an exotic taste, as it has been made to please every palate, especially the taste buds of kids.

Another easy recipe for the Bakri is called tandoori, which is an Indian dish made in the oven. It consists of baked chicken and vegetables. It is a great way to make your family and friends happy since you are also enjoying a meal together and you can also make use the same ingredients for your own version of tandoori.


If you want a more unique but yet mouth-watering recipe, you can always make your own food from scratch. You can buy pre-packaged items on the Internet and use these for making your own dishes.

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