Some Famous Lebanese Desserts

Semolina cake

A meal seems incomplete without a dessert. Indeed, it gives a final touch to all the various tastes that tantalize our taste buds. A Lebanese dessert is taken at the end of the meal to sweeten the taste of the mouth. These desserts can be of various types and as the cuisine changes, a wide range of desserts floods the list.

Generally speaking, it might include traditional sweets, cupcakes, chocolates, pudding, cookies, and many much more. Desserts are a common core of sweetness, delight, and pleasance.

Although it is very true that the cuisine of every country is as good as the other, there could never be one general fact stating that the cuisine of a particular country is the best. It is so because cuisine is a legacy that each and every country inherits.

However, every time, there is always one thing which is worth mentioning and when it comes to the dessert part of the Lebanon cuisine, then the typical image that we have in our minds in regards with desserts flips and takes a turn for the most unimaginable.

Popular Lebanese Desserts 

Arabic tea with dry dates

The list of Lebanese desserts is quite vast and vibrant. Some of the most famous Lebanon desserts are as follows:

The Lebanese Desserts

1) Maamoul (A middle Eastern cookie mainly eaten on holiday, filled with a lot of nuts and various other flavorings such as rose water).

2) Lebanese Rice Pudding (A kind of pudding whose main element is rice. It is eaten with numerous nuts and dry fruits that enrich the taste of the pudding and make it different from other typical puddings).

3) Ayesh el Saray (The taste of this amazing dish is the very same that the one of chilled French toast, topped with custard. Some people love to add syrup and rose water while others do not).

4) Mafrokeh (This is a kind of party with nuts, cream, and rose water. It is not that difficult to prepare it and just takes two hours. Mafrokeh has a semolina cake base and is seasoned with a cream filling). 

5) Znoud up sett (It is an ice-cream filled pastry soaked in syrup).

6) Azariah (This one has either carrot slices or pumpkin slices and can be seasoned with rose water and spices).

7) Atayef (One of the main items of the Lebanon desserts which is basically a pancake but has an unusual tantalizing taste).

8) Nammoura (Cake-like dessert that is made of yogurt and semolina flour. It is soaked in syrup at the end).

Traditional eastern desserts

This was all about Lebanese desserts that you must try at least once.

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