Some Tips For Cooking Recipe For Arabic Food

recipe for arabic food

Recently I was searching on Facebook for a good recipe for Arabic food and I came across an appeal for help from a lady from Cordova, Ukraine. She asked for some help and the two of you are exchanging ideas. You are both smart and that’s great. I’m sure you will come up with a good, unique combination.

An Overview

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First, I was looking for a recipe for Arabic food and she sent me to her local gourmet store. I found many items there that were familiar to me. This was because I am traveling to the Arab world next month and I will most likely see traditional foods of the Middle East. The one recipe I needed was for hummus. I had never heard of this food before, but I assumed it might be common in Arab countries.

The ingredients are called yogurt and they add moisture and therefore make the dish more elastic. It also thickens the food like no other and adds a smooth texture. I don’t know if this is the same as what is called “fakfakhir” in Persian or is it something different. The dish was excellent!

Making Process

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I ate most of it with my bread (tahini). It was absolutely delicious. I plan to make a few more dishes with it. The bread is incredibly filling which makes it a very simple dish to prepare. You can certainly make adjustments based on your taste. For example, you may decide to add sugar or honey.

The recipe for the bread called for garlic and onion. I also called for salt and pepper. I think this combination of ingredients added to the rich flavor of the dish. The tomatoes I used were also fresh and this added a nice texture and color to the dish.

The dish I made was called “Nasi Kandar”. This is a very simple dish that I enjoy making. It contains rice, meat, chick peas, vinegar, cumin, coriander leaves and tomato sauce. To enhance the flavor, I also used ground fenugreek seeds.

Bake Meat Properly

When the meat is cooked, you just stir fry it. You can add sauces to it but it is optional. The tomatoes, sauce, and all can be stored in airtight containers and served with hot flatbreads. You can bake the flatbreads at 350 degrees until they are golden brown. The dish is delicious and nutritious.

Another recipe for Arabic food was called “Nasdaka” which means dinner. This dish was delicious and consisted of rice, meat and chick peas. You can serve this with flatbreads that are lightly baked. The recipe for Arabic food is very simple and has been adapted from many different countries of the world. No matter what version of the recipe you use, you will be enjoying some of the tastiest foods ever when you prepare your own recipes.

Another dish is “Alameez”. This dish consists of chick peas cooked in a sour and salty sauce. This type of dish will go well with dessert. This dish is quite popular. You can try this dish as an appetizer or as a side dish with your main course.

Final Tip

“Hummus” is a popular dish. This consists of chick peas, lemon juice, garlic, tahini, and salt. This is a healthy dish because you are using healthy ingredients. When preparing hummus, you can use ground radish seeds in place of fat.

“Dalmasala” is a popular dish. It consists of dried red chilies in a flavored sauce. The dish is served with flatbread. It is very common in the deserts during the holiday seasons. This dish goes well with roasted chicken, lamb, and beef.


You can find a recipe for Arabic dish through the internet. You have to be careful when making your own sauce though. If the spices used are not of high quality, the dish may not taste right. You should also use the amount of salt that is appropriate for your taste. If you are not sure, then you can always use store bought sauce.

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