Tactic Migration A Belgium Intelligence Cover Up

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For a guy who’s spent much of my adult life in the Middle East, I can’t say I’ve never experienced Middle East food. My favorite restaurants have been to places in Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Israel, the Sinai and Istanbul. The hospitality was usually very good, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was pleasant and relaxing. Most of my friends and family live in Europe and they have no idea how wonderful some of the dishes are over there. My favorite dishes there would definitely be on and over there, just a couple not quite as tasty as Middle Eastern food, but great nevertheless.

An Overview

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One thing that I really enjoyed about dining in Dubai, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Israel and the Sinai is the food. Over there, the only true Arab restaurant was located in Ramel Bradley Park in the old part of town. The food was very traditional and usually very inexpensive. It was always prepared by people who had been native there or had been taught to make it that way. The taste was excellent and it was always served with a kind hand and with great hospitality.

Desserts were also rather common desserts in the Middle East. Something as simple as dates or sugar are served as dessert in abundance. Sometimes sugar is mixed with common explosives and blown up. It’s not the most appetizing dish but it is edible. I was offered ice cream by one waiter and asked if it was permissible because it was a forbidden fruit in the Islamic religion.

Famous Dishes

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I wasn’t allowed to eat any desserts after that because suicide vests were found near the restaurant. But I was allowed to sample some of the Middle East’s desserts in general. These include everything from the dessert called Maaloula to the sweet Maamoul. The most popular sweets are Maaloula, which are made with dates and pistachios mixed together, and Focaccia, which are pastry.

The interesting thing about Middle Eastern cuisine is that some of the countries have completely different religions yet they all use the same tactic to kill their enemies. That tactic is suicide vests. Suicide vests are stuffed with explosives and attached to the person who wishes to blow themselves up on a bus, train, or plane. This is actually a common tactic in Islamic countries.

The interesting thing is that these suicide vests were found near the restaurant where I was eating and that is in itself a form of suicide bombings. That attack may have been an anomaly. I believe however that it points to the extreme complexity of the individuals who perform these suicide bombings. Even if the Brussels airport and its tunnels were not targeted in this recent attack, the fact that these suicide vests were located so near the location indicates that there must be some sort of coordination by those carrying them out.

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It also means that we need to look very closely at the individuals who coordinate these attacks. It also means that we need to look very carefully at the Belgium’s intelligence service, which is known as the BOB. In the past the BOB has coordinated suicide bombings in many Arab nations including Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and even Iraq. This is obvious given the fact that the Belgian government is allied with the United States in the war on terror. If the BOB is directing suicide vests from here in the heart of Europe to perform their calculated strategy of targeting civilians, then we have a serious problem.


Therefore, it appears that we cannot discount the possibility that Belgium’s intelligence service is directing suicide vests to be placed in the city of Brussels. I also have a strong suspicion that Hezbollah is involved in coordinating the suicide bombings. We cannot discount the possibility that Hezbollah is using these suicide vests as a weapon of war against Israel. Therefore, I urge all citizens of the world to get very concerned and do what they need to do in order to stop the tactic migration.

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