The Delicious Arabic Food

Dry fruits and honey

Who are Arabs and What is Arabic Food exactly? That is a difficult question. The ‘Arab World” comprises twenty-five Arabic speaking countries. Some of the countries are Libya, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Sudan, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Therefore, the question of what exactly is Arabic Food is more complex. Country-wise and even region-wise, variations are too much to mark any food as standard. Let’s discuss some of the tastiest foods of the Arab world.

Arabic Tea and Coffee

Drinking tea or coffee is a ritual. It is Al Qahawa. If you go to any restaurant, it will be served complimentary. If you go to a house as a guest, the head of the house offers you tea or coffee and at least three glasses. It always comes with dates. The tea or coffee is made with some cardamom and served in small cups.

Traditionally, the cups never have handles. There is Maghrebi mint tea which is made with the addition of mint leaves with green tea. It is present all over the Arab world but especially predominant in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, etc.


It is a version of cheesecake. Normally, it is made from Semolina dough and thin phyllo pastry. It is stuffed with Nabulsi, i.e. white soft cheese. It is available in many parts of the Arab world. Kunafeh is crunchy outside and juicy inside.


Dates and Honey

Hummus might be the most common food in the Arabic world. This is a simple staple food. It consists of chickpeas, garlic, lemon, and tahini. It is awesomely delicious and is an amazing appetizer. Order it to share and eat it with pita bread.


Tabouleh is another very common ‘mezze’ in the food world of Arabs. It includes mint, onion, parsley, bulgur, tomatoes, olive oil, salt, and black pepper. It is rather a simple dish but it has a distinct flavor. If you are trying an Arabic dish for the first time, it is a must.


This Arabic food originated from the Levant region. It is actually a quite famous dish. It is made of meat. You can use several kinds of meat to prepare the dish. More often, it includes ground beef, bulgur, and onions. They are mixed together to make a small, but exceptionally tasty, beefcake.

A mix of dried fruits and nuts in the plate. Top view

Although this article is not enough to discuss the hundreds if not thousands of Arabic foods, we hope you enjoyed it. When you travel to the middle east, you must try its amazing food.

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